MultiVersus Pro Gameplay Showcased, Closed Alpha Beings May 19

MultiVersus has released a further 18 minutes of gameplay, pitting developers against pro players in match-ups featuring Superman, Shaggy, Tom & Jerry, and Wonder Woman, fighting across maps ranging from Themyscira to the Bat Cave.

We get to see Wonder Woman's lasso in action, Tom swinging a tennis racket to fling balls around, new ring out animations with Spike making a guest appearance, Shaggy lobbing sandwiches with corny lines, Superman's eye lasers, and more, with quips and grunts galore.

You can watch the full 18 minutes of gameplay in the video embedded below, but you'll also be able to try MultiVersus for yourself next week when the closed alpha releases to the public in preparation for its 2022 release date. You'll have to register for a spot, though.

In the video, there are a lot of new, notable highlights from the shows, comics, and movies that are sending fans into an excited frenzy like hearing Tom's original scream when he gets KO'd or Shaggy yelling "Zoinks!" during his attacks. But what's really standing out is the first look at a new map, Scooby’s Haunted Mansion – if you want a ghastly atmosphere to your fist-fight, this should do it.

The match-up is teamed so pro players NAKAT and VoiD are playing together against the two developers and there are some key things that they highlight when it comes to cooperative play. Wonder Woman's lasso ability in particular is useful at saving allies when they're hurled off the map as you can use it on a friend to rope them back up to the platforms, keeping them from getting KO'd.

There were also some insights into the development and the strive to create the most authentic representation of these characters possible which includes original scores that are designed by remixing iconic tracks specifically for MultiVersus.

"I didn't know that I wanted all these different properties to come together," NAKAT said. "I didn't know that I wanted all these different remixes to music. I didn't know I wanted ring out animations. I didn't know I wanted 2D or 3D stickers or any of that stuff. So to finally have that in a platform fighter that also still retains the same playability as other enjoyable games – it's the perfect culmination of what makes a game special."

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