MultiVersus Director Says New Character Is Coming "Soonish"

After what was a pretty quick and regular procession of new additions to MultiVersus, the fresh character well has run somewhat dry as of late. An update from the game's director has assured players there is a new character on the horizon, but he hasn't given specifics on when they'll be added or even when the next new face will be revealed.

MultiVersus director Tony Huynh has been very open with the game's players from launch, frequently answering questions and queries on Twitter. In the replies to a post where Huynh reacted to some impressive Rick gameplay, someone asked when they'll get news on the next new character. Huynh replied to that question with “soonish”. Not definitive, or even vague, but reassurance that there is a new character coming.

Despite nothing more specific than soonish, reactions to Huynh's answer from other players have been pretty positive. Some replies have even welcomed the longer gap between new additions so that whoever's next can be more polished upon arrival. MultiVersus is now closing in on two months since its last new character was added to the roster. Looney Tunes' Marvin the Martian was made playable on November 21, 2022.

In defense of Warner Bros. and Player First, not only has its team likely been taking a break over the holidays, but the stream of new characters can't remain as active as it was at launch. Especially if MultiVersus is going to be a live service game that lives on for years. There are plenty of rumors regarding who will be next to join the fight, though. Iconic DC villain The Joker is up there with the most likely candidates, while Adventure Time's Marceline is also a possibility.

On top of that, some players think Data from The Goonies will be added to MultiVersus, while a character artist for the game reignited hopes Walter White will eventually join the roster. Devs will be hoping whoever comes next results in a spike in players with some fearful MultiVersus' popularity has already dropped off significantly.

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