MultiVersus Dataminer Shows Off An Unfinished Version Of The Shop And It Looks Like Coins Can Be Used To Buy Skins

MultiVersus manages to feel more content complete every few weeks thanks to the addition of new characters, but there are still a few things we're missing, like the promised classic mode and the leaked guilds. The biggest thing that's missing however, is the shop, which has been greyed out on the menu since the game entered open beta.

Thankfully, reliable MultiVersus dataminer and leaker AisulMV has managed to access the shop before it's finished, giving us a first look at what it'll look like whenever it's finally added to the game. AisulMV posted the video on their Twitter account, which shows a work-in-progress version of the shop, albeit one that looks to be pretty close to being finished.

The video shows AisulMV able to click on the shop icon and gain access to that section of the menu. The first page says "home" and shows a bunch of blank white tags with "WIP" boldly in the background. Not the most exciting start, but things get a bit more interesting moving on as AisulMV changes tabs and reveals a bunch of Harley Quinn placeholder slots.

Although the stock Harley Quinns don't have any skin details or anything like that, underneath the icon it shows that there are three currency options for buying the skins, Gleamium, Coins, and one more that I don't recognise, but could possibly be to do with guilds. There's also a timer underneath the skin, implying that they might also rotate in and out of the shop.

This is interesting because, as of the time of writing, there are no ways to buy skins without Gleamium, the game's premium currency. Granted, 3,000 Gold for one skin is quite a lot, but it's also giving players another option aside from spending real money. It's worth noting that this is clearly still a work-in-progress and nowhere near being confirmed or decided, but it seems that Player First Games is at least considering several options.

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