MultiVersus Datamine Hints At Pickle Rick And Samurai Jack Additions In Season 3

Even the most dedicated MultiVersus player would have to admit that Season 2 has been a bit of downer. After steadily releasing new characters to keep the game fresh, developer Player First has been reluctant to release any more ever since Marvin was added. That could be ending soon though, as a new datamine suggests that a number of characters are possibly being readied for Season 3, including hints at Samurai Jack and Pickle Rick.

We'll start with the latter, as MultiVersus reliable dataminer LaisulMV has revealed a new character codenamed "C020B" has been added to the game's files. While complete gibberish on its own, the 20th character to be added to MultiVersus was Rick from Rick & Morty, suggesting this new character is a variant. Alongside new Perks codenamed Ketchup, Laser, and Grapple, a lot of fans seem to think that this new character is Pickle Rick, who could turn out to be a fully playable character rather than just a skin.

As for Samurai Jack, his possible inclusion has long been rumored, but this new datamine has provided even more evidence to throw on top of the pile. Samurai Jack's possible addition was hinted at back in November last year due to the discovery of a string of code referencing a stage called Aku's Mountain – Aku being the bad guy in the show. This latest datamine has now revealed the existence of a ring out animation called Aku's Fire, as Player First could be getting the character ready for a Season 3 reveal.

As for who's going to be added next, smart money is on The Joker. Sound effects for his walk and a Joker-related ring out were found in the game last year, hinting that the Clown Prince of Crime is up next. Throw in the recently rumored addition of Data from The Goonies, Samurai Jack, and Pickle Rick, and Season 3 is looking a lot more promising.

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