MultiVersus Breaks Down Marvin The Martian’s Full Moveset

Despite many of us thinking Marvin the Martian would drop tomorrow, he arrived today as MultiVersus developer Player First surprised fans with his early addition. Just before Marvin's introduction, MultiVersus broke down all the moves that Marvin has in his arsenal that you can use to conquer the battlefield.

Unlike what many expected, Marvin is actually classed as an Assassin rather than a Mage, as revealed by his character card shared by the official MultiVersus Twitter account. That means Marvin is pretty light and has a variety of different fast-paced attacks to get up in his opponent's face. Marvin's moveset also heavily features his blaster, which can be charged up or used right away for some quick damage.

Marvin's down attack whips out his disintegrator, which he can use to shoot a bolt of electricity in front of himself. This bolt will remain there as long as it doesn't hit an opponent, but be aware that it will also damage Marvin the longer the bolt is held. He also uses this as his spike, which is a handy tool to remove and irritating edge lurkers. Marvin's up attack also makes use of his blaster and can be aimed in the air if you have the necessary perk, similar to Harley Quinn's boxing glove attack.

As for other gizmos (not that one) that Marvin has at his disposal, he also has yet another handy ranged weapon that can pull in enemies, which can then open them up to some nasty combos. He also has a spaceship that you can use that is very similar to Morty's in how it's deployed, although with one key difference. Marvin's spaceship will shoot out a rocket that will travel towards him wherever he his on the map, making his up special a pretty powerful offensive option.

If it sounds like you'll jive with Marvin, he's available to play as right now in MultiVersus and costs a not insignificant 3,000 gold. I hope you've been saving up!

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