MultiVersus Adds Space Jam And Rick And Morty Copyright, Confirming Earlier Leaks

The latest trailer for MultiVersus updated the copyrights to include both Rick and Morty and Space Jam, essentially confirming earlier leaks.

MultiVersus is inarguably one of the leakiest games of the past year or so, with almost every element of it being leaked before, during, and after its initial announcement. The first leaks for the game showed off Rick Sanchez as a playable character and mentioned that LeBron James from Space Jam would also be making an appearance later down the line.

After a long wait without any official news, Player First Games revealed the latest look at MultiVersus yesterday, including updating the website to allow for sign-ups for the upcoming closed alpha. As spotted by PapaGenos on Twitter, it also updated the copyright information at the bottom of the site.

The new copyright now makes specific reference to Rick and Morty, as well as Space Jam, which seems to confirm earlier leaks from the game that mentioned LeBron James, Rick Sanchez, and even Morty Smith as playable characters.

This should really come as no surprise to anyone keeping up with MultiVersus as Rick has been leaked from the start and has his full moveset data within the game. The only thing that's missing so far are his voice lines, although other characters do make reference to him.

Some characters also directly speak to Morty, implying that he's also a character and could be included further down the line. No move data or models of Morty have been found from datamining so far, however.

Interestingly, there was actually already Space Jam content in the last technical playtest for the game, as Bugs Bunny can unlock his Space Jam jersey as a costume. Whether the copyright has been included to make reference to that or if it really does hint at LeBron isn't clear, but it makes more sense to reference the character as MultiVersus reportedly has avatars of non-playable characters that aren't included in the copyright, such as Gizmo from Gremlins.

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