Multiplayer to be Launch Feature for Thrill of the Fight 2

When it comes to virtual reality (VR) boxing titles one of VRFocus’ favourites is Thrill of the Fight. Created by indie developer Ian Fitz, work has begun on a sequel addressing one sorely absent feature, a multiplayer component. Recently, it was revealed plans are underway for this to be a launch day feature.

Development on Thrill of the Fight 2 was announced earlier in 2020 with Fitz taking to Reddit to outline his plans. Responding to Twitter comments this month, Sealost Interactive – Fitz’s new studio – confirmed: “We are planning on having PVP be a day 1 feature for TotF2 as of right now.”

Few other details have been revealed by the team so far, noting: “We are still in the very early stages of development.” However, there was one final tease: “We currently plan on having some character customization features in the second game,” so at least you’ll be able to create your own boxer to take into the ring.

It’s worth noting that while multiplayer will definitely be part of Thrill of the Fight 2, the original won’t be getting the feature. While Sealost Interactive is concentrating on the sequel its not forgotten about the original. Hitting Oculus Quest last year, Thrill of the Fight recently rolled out updates for both Quest headsets, improving visuals whilst adding support for Oculus Quest 2’s 90hz mode.

Currently, there’s no window for Thrill of the Fight 2’s release so for the time being you’ll have to continue training against Thrill of the Fight’s AI. The videogame offers a virtual gym where you can train those skills on Speed Bags, Focus Balls and other equipment before stepping into the ring. With no arcade-style gimmicks the gameplay provides a real workout, keeping you on your toes as you try to deliver knockout blows.

In its review of Thrill of the Fight VRFocus said: “Fitz has managed to take the core essence of what makes boxing so compelling and distilled it down into Thrill of the Fight. Immersive and a great use of roomscale, Thrill of the Fight has all the hallmarks of an indie gaming gem, especially being so cheap.” So expectations are high for the sequel.

As Sealost Interactive reveal more details on Thrill of the Fight 2, VRFocus will let you know.

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