Multiplayer Comes To Beat Saber On October 13

Beat Saber is one of the greatest rhythm games available, and now it’s getting even better with multiplayer support on VR and PS4 on October 13.

Recently, Beat Saber has been branching into the rock genre with the additions of Green Day and Linkin Park music packs. Even without these major additions, though, the game was racking up accolades that other VR titles can only dream of. The first of these was being the first VR-exclusive to break Steam’s top 100 games. It then broke two million copies sold in March.

Of course, when the Beat Saber Twitter account announced that the game would support multiplayer next month, a lot of people got excited about the news. Strangely, the teaser video shows what looks like a five-player multiplayer as opposed to the typical even-numbered player support. The announcement also came with a little bit of bad news, as it looks like the PS4 version is having some issues which could cause a delay for the platform.

There was no mention of crossplay or how the multiplayer game would work. However, based on the teaser that we were given, it looks like what you might have expected. Each player will be playing the same song, at the same time, with the same cues. The winner—presumably—will be chosen based on whoever was most accurate. We anticipate that we will hear more news as we get closer to the expected release date.

It’s a little surprising that it’s taken this long for Beat Saber to get multiplayer support, but it’s a welcome addition. Playing rhythm games with friends was one of life’s greatest pleasures in the mid-2000s when games like Guitar Hero were released. It will be exciting to see what happens with the multiplayer for Beat Saber. It’s also refreshing to hear that it won’t be released until it is polished and ready for the stage. There is nothing worse than getting a game that was rushed. Luckily for the devs, the PS VR community seems to be more than willing to wait without pressuring the studio for a release.

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