Moss: Book 2 Launches For PSVR Later This Month

The long-awaited sequel to Moss will be launching on PSVR March 31. Moss: Book 2 will see players reunite with Quill, the mouse warrior. Polyarc's Moss came out five years ago and was met with critical and fan acclaim.

Book 2 will see you rejoin Quill as she is hunted by nefarious forces. An action-adventure puzzle game, Moss: Book 2 will require you to solve puzzles alongside some returning characters as well as a host of new ones.

The sequel begins right where Moss left off, in the hexed castle where Quill rescued her uncle. A winged tyrant leading the arcane forces on a mission to unmake the world that we've come to know and love.

The interactivity afforded by the PSVR is taking centre stage again. Moss: Book 2 will feature snowy mountains, lush gardens, and mechanical gauntlets for you to help Quill through. As well as controlling Quill, you also need to remove environmental obstacles and solve puzzles so that she can platform her way around the world.

One of the biggest changes coming to the sequel is the inclusion of interlinked environments rather than completely separate chapters. The story will still be linear in order to "ensure critical story beats are received with the appropriate pacing and timing," but the world will now be more explorable.

Since the success of Moss, Polyarc has been able to grow, meaning they can be more ambitious with some of the action pieces that fans felt were missing in the original. More of the major story beats should now take place within the world of the game itself, rather than the book.

Moss: Book 2 will also add a Metroidvania flair, as unlocking new weapons later on in the game will enable players to go back to previous areas and unlock hidden secrets.

In other PSVR news, a leak suggests the PSVR 2 will launch sometime in early 2023, with Horizon Call of the Mountain likely arriving with it as a launch title to entice players to buy the new VR hardware.

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