More People Are Talking About The PS5 Logo Than The New Xbox

Now that Sony has finally announced the official PS5 logo, PlayStation fans can begin to look forward to the console’s release and all the hype that accompanies a next-gen system. In fact, it seems that it only took Sony announcing and posting the logo to its Instagram page, because now everyone is now talking about it.

Thus far, no official look has been revealed for the PS5, but funny enough, it’s already beating the Xbox Series X announcement. As of the time of the writing, Sony’s Instagram post has a little bit more than 5 million likes. For comparison, the Xbox Series X announcement trailer is sitting at 1.8 million views. Additionally, a separate post that showcases the name and the box itself has 991,000 likes.

To be fair however, Sony’s Instagram page has over 22 million followers while the Xbox’s page sits at 10 million. As a result, it’s not that much of a surprise as to why Sony’s post has double the likes of Xbox’s.

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Welcome to 2020. #PS5

A post shared by PlayStation (@playstation) on

Welcome to 2020. #PS5

A post shared by PlayStation (@playstation) on

The post’s popularity isn’t the only thing Sony can be proud of. The post itself now holds the world record for the most popular Instagram image ever posted by a video game company. Before claiming the throne, the most popular Instagram image was regarding Fortnite and its announcement of the Avengers crossover, which managed to accumulate 2.7 million likes.

It’s worth mentioning that from a general point of view, social media videos tend to be more popular that pictures and images. As a result, it’s safe to theorize what kind of an impact Sony will make after it posts a video reveal of the PS5 (while taking into account its followers). Nonetheless, the video post is certain to generate millions of views and thousands of comments from fans and viewers alike.

As impressive as this all may be, imagine the effect when the actual console is revealed. After all, everyone, from analysts to the gamers themselves, are eager to find out how the next console will look and what kind of power it will possess, as well as all the bells and whistles that’ll come with it.

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