Morbsweeper Is A Morbius-Themed Indie About Reaching 100% Rotten Tomatoes Score

With nothing new announced for the future of Morbius at San Diego Comic-Con, and Sony unlikely to fall for a third theatrical release, the Summer of Morbius appeared to be over. Well fear not, as the box office flop's loyal fans are keeping the good times rolling, this time in the form of a free-to-play game called Morbsweeper.

If you're wondering whether there's a reason Morbsweeper sounds a lot like Minesweeper yes, yes there is. Morbsweeper is an evolution of the iconic Windows game, except instead of avoiding mines, you're trying to stop Morbius receiving a poor score on Rotten Tomatoes. If only it had been that simple in real life. Find tomatoes to bulk that score up, and avoid the dreaded green splats to prevent it from dropping towards zero.

As you can see from the trailer for Morbsweeper below (via PCGamesN) the homage to Sony Marvel's latest flick is a lot more than a grey grid with our favorite vampire doctor's name attached. Created by Lumpy Touch, there are plenty of references from the movie in there, including topless Matt Smith and even someone who sounds a lot like Jared Leto declaring “it's Morbin' time” when you activate Morb Mode.

What's Morb Mode? That's the mode you can activate in Morbsweeper where the speed at which you can increase that all-important RT score comes into play. You can also earn the Leto-led movie the Academy Award it deserves, and convince Sony to roll it out in cinemas for a third time. Come on Sony, we were all busy that weekend, we swear.

If you want to give Morbsweeper a go for yourself, you can do so right now for nothing more than a little of your time, too much of which Morbius might have taken from you already. If you do have more time for Morbius, you can play it through itch or Newgrounds. While Morbius's Marvel future might still be unclear, pretty much every other hero had their future revealed during San Diego Comic-Con. Among the bigger announcements were two Avengers movies coming in 2025, and the return of Daredevil via his own 18-episode Disney+ show.

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