Monster Train, The Year’s Second-Best Rogue-Like, Is Getting Paid DLC Soon, Including A 6th Clan

In a sudden-but-welcome surprise announcement, the developers of Monster Train have announced that a massive paid DLC pack is in the works.

Released in May, Monster Train is a deckbuilding roguelike game, available for PC through Steam. Your deck contains various forces of Hell, who are fighting to defend their last forge from the forces of Heaven. Play happens on a train which consists of multiple levels, and you have to build your deck and play your soldiers and monsters to protect the forge – a giant burning crystal on the top level of your train. The monsters you summon come from five different clans and they interact differently with one another, depending on how they’re played and what they’re paired with.

Since its release in May, Monster Train has received several content updates. Aside from fixing various bugs, these updates have included loads of content – like heroes and other cards, for example. Along with adding more content, and the ability to create mods for others to use, all of these updates have been free for players. So why is this DLC going to be something you need to pay for?

As was said, “the amount of content is huge.” They’ll be adding a sixth clan, with all new cards, artifacts, monsters, etc. With this new massive group of cards comes new gameplay as well. The new clan and gameplay will force players to approach their train runs differently, and the developers seem genuinely excited about it.

The Monster Train community seems thrilled as well. The majority of the comments on the original announcement video via Reddit are positive and spirited. Surprisingly, some have already vocalized their willingness to pay for the DLC. Several comments mentioned they were happy to finally have another way to support the dev team.

Other than the announcement, however, the details are mostly non-existent. The name and look of the new clan has not been released, nor have they announced a release date or price yet. And in the announcement, the team mentioned they were working on implementing other control schemes (keyboard and control pad), but didn’t clarify if that would be in this DLC or in an upcoming update.

Nevertheless, Monster Train fans have a lot of new content to look forward to.

Sources: Monster Train website, Monster Train Reddit

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