Monster Rancher 2: How To Unlock Phoenix

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Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX has just launched for Nintendo Switch, PC, and iOS, enabling a whole new generation of players to enjoy two PlayStation classics. One of the main appeals of these games is that you can create monsters by reading CDs at the Shrine, but you'll soon notice that certain monsters cannot be generated straight away.

Though the Shrine makes you believe that you need to rank up as a trainer to unlock certain monsters, rare monsters actually have various unlock requirements. When it comes to unlocking Phoenix in Monster Rancher 2, this guide tells you everything you need to know.

How To Get The Fire Feather In Monster Rancher 2

To unlock Phoenix you need to get the Fire Feather from the Kawrea Expedition. You'll get more than one chance to do this, but your first chance is always the easiest as the requirements aren't as high. We're going to go over exactly what you need to do here.

First Kawrea Expedition

In the first week of June, if your monster has Fame 50+ and is D Rank or above, you will be visited by Dr. Talico for the first time who asks that you accompany him on an Expedition.

Note: We highly recommend saving before this date so you can go back and retry if you fail.

Expedition Notes:

  • Your monster's "Energy" will deplete as it moves around the map, removes obstacles, or searches points of interest. If your monster hits -10 Energy Points before reaching camp, it will KO — the Expedition will be a failure and your monster's lifespan will be shortened.
  • The map layout is always the same here, but once you start searching the volcano, it's random which rooms your monster will choose to go in — this is why we recommend saving beforehand.

Essentially, you need to keep sending your monster to search the volcano in the hopes that not only will it reach one of the pink marks that dictate an item, but that the item is the Fire Feather as well.

Unless you are extremely fortunate, this will take multiple attempts and likely multiple save reloads. You want to get the Fire Feather and still have enough energy to make it back to camp without your monster KO'ing.

Second Kawrea Expedition

The reason we recommend saving before the first Expedition and replaying to get the Fire Feather, is because although you can revisit Kawrea on later Expeditions, the requirements for Dr. Talico to appear will be higher.

Only the first Expedition requires a D Rank monster, subsequent Expeditions require the following:

  • Monster is Rank B or above
  • Fame is 50+
  • Life is 280+

If you meet these requirements, Dr. Talico will once again invite you on an Expedition on the first week of June, this time to an expanded map of Kawrea. (Don't forget to save before this date!) The Phoenix Statue in the middle of the map is where you can find the Fire Feather. You can get a new feather each time you repeat this Expedition, if you're lucky of course.

Note: The higher INT stat your monster has, the better chance it has of finding rare items.

How To Unlock Phoenix In Monster Rancher 2

Once you have the Fire Feather, head to the Lab and combine any two monsters using the Fire Feather as an ingredient to unlock Phoenix.

Note: Once you have unlocked Phoenix, you can also generate it from CDs at the Shrine, but it is a very rare result.

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