Monster Hunter: World Iceborne beta starts this Friday

If you want proof there is something colder than the British summertime, Capcom’s massive expansion is about to hit PS4.

It was an uncharacteristically quiet E3 for Capcom this year, with the only game they were showing being the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter: World.

As they’ve said before though it’s so big it almost counts as a new game and given the huge success of Monster Hunter: World fans are likely to welcome it with open arms.

As such, the PlayStation Plus exclusive beta has just been announced as starting at 11am BST on Friday, 21 June and ending at the same time on Monday, 24 June.

There will be a second beta after that but that’s also only for the PlayStation 4, and is due to start at 11am BST on Friday, 28 June and end on Monday, 1 July.

Preload options will be available a couple of days before each beta starts, since you don’t need to own a copy of Monster Hunter: World to play.

The beta sounds like the same demo we played at E3, with an easy quest against a Great Jagras, an intermediate one against a Banbaro wyvern, and a super hard one against returning dragon Tigrex.

(We almost beat the Tigrex at E3 but got confused over the Banbaro and ended up hunting the slightly easier, but also new, Beotodus – so there are other new monsters in there too.)

There’s also 14 weapon types to try out and new Slinger options such as what is essentially a grappling hook for mounting monsters.

If you complete a quest you can get one of three item packs which you’ll be able to use in the full game when it’s released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on 6 September – with a PC version set to follow later in the year.

Although, unlike the beta, you will need the base game to play the full expansion.

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