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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak brings back several fan-favorite monsters, as well as new, never before seen beasts to hunt in the new land of Elgado. Additionally, new side quests can be undertaken for unique and powerful rewards, like exclusive armor sets and weapons.

After reaching Master Rank 5 and completing the urgent quest involving Malzeno, you will be able to accept the side quest Edgy Arrows, asking you to capture a Seregios. Let's take a look at how to complete this request, and what the reward is for doing so.

Edgy Arrows Side Quest

To complete the Edgy Arrows side quest, you'll need to capture a Seregios. This monster appears in the following quests.

Quest Name Quest Type MR Requirement
Dust off Those Hunting Boots Follower Quest
  • MR4
A Thousand Scales of Dread Hub Key Quest
  • MR4
Thousand Cuts, Totally Crushed Hub Quest
  • MR4
Troublemaking Trio Pt. 2 Hub Quest
  • MR4
Wicked Wyvern Trilogy Hub Quest
  • MR4
Operation Seregios Support Survey
  • MR4
Blade Cloaked in Darkness Hub Key Quest
  • MR5
Operation Sandy Plains Support Survey
  • MR5
True Hunters Follower Quest
  • MR6
Advanced: Hail to the Fierce Hub Quest
  • MR6
Operation Dancing Blades Support Survey
  • MR6

Seregios can be a difficult monster to hunt, so we recommend capturing it in the quest Dust off Those Hunting Boots, as this will allow you to undertake the quest with Arena Master Arlow. With the aid of a follower, capturing Seregios will be a bit easier.

Additionally, bring a weapon with the Thunder element, as this will deal more damage to the monster. Don't forget to bring Traps and Tranq Bombs to capture Seregios when it gets to low health.

To capture a monster, simply fight it like normal until the blue capture-ready symbol appears beneath the monster's icon at the top right of the screen. Then, prepare your trap and lure the monster into it. Once Seregios has fallen into the trap, throw Tranq bombs near it to complete the capture.

Edgy Arrows Side Quest – Rewards

As a reward for completing the Edgy Arrows side quest, you will be able to craft the Felyne Trickbow+ Bow. This weapon has the following stats.

  • Attack – 350
  • Element – None
  • Affinity -15%
  • Defense Bonus – 20
  • Slots – x1 level 3 slot, x1 level 1 slot, x1 level 2 Rampage slot
  • Arc Shot – Recovery
  • Charge Shot
    • Level 1 – Spread Level 2
    • Level 2 – Rapid Level 3
    • Level 3 – Spread Level 3
    • Level 4 – Rapid Level 4

    Additionally, Dame Luchika will grant you an Ultimas Crystal for completing this side quest, which can be used to upgrade various armor and weapons.

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