Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm Icium And Gracium

We’re continuing our mission to farm for every single resource in Monster Hunter Rise, and today we’re on to another rare resource you can get through mining, though that is easier said than done, as is everything that depends on RNG. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to gather Icium or Gracium in MH Rise, but using this guide will give you your very best chances.

Icium is a precious resource in MHR that will be used to increase the efficiency of your weapons, and certain upgrades will require a good amount of Icium built up in your Item Box before you craft anything too fancy.

Icium is very rare in the lower quest ranks, but as you manage to rise through ranks you will be able to find Icium far more commonly in mining veins. For everything you need to know about farming Icium and Gracium, just check our information below.

Icium And Gracium Locations In Monster Hunter Rise

Icium is partially rare because it only spawns in a single area, and that is the Frost Islands. The Frost Islands have two kinds of mining nodes to interact with, blue and white, and if you’re lucky, you will be able to find Icium in both.

It makes sense from the name, right? Finding Icium in the Frost Islands? Should’ve guessed. If you’ve been mining the Frost Islands but struggling to obtain Icium, it might be because you are still a low Hunter Rank. If this is the case, you will need to focus on mining only a single type of node in the Frost Islands, as Icium is more common on one than the other.

Gracium is similar to Icium, but can only be found from even higher rank quests. If you have weapon upgrades that require Gracium but you can’t find any, it might be that your Hunter Rank is not high enough.

Where To Mine Icium And Gracium

  • Frost Islands

How To Farm Icium In Monster Hunter Rise

Icium is a rare resource, and rarer still for low-rank hunters. In MHR farming for Icium is much easier for high rank hunters, simply because there are more options. Below we have have two routes for both kinds of hunter. Make sure to use this guide to mark the location of mining nodes on your map. Gracium is even rarer than Icium, and our final tip for that sits below.

Low Rank Icium Farming Route

Low rank hunters will need to rely solely on White Mining Nodes in order to find their Icium, of which there are only five in the whole of the Frost Islands.

High Rank Icium Farming Route

If you’re a high rank hunter, then Icium is much easier to find. You can mine the White nodes mentioned above, but you can also rely on Blue nodes. Add these to your routes around the map for your best chances of earning Icium.

How To Farm Gracium In Monster Hunter Rise

Gracium can only be found by high rank hunters, and it’s even rarer than Icium. If you want Gracium take on those high rank quests, and make sure to focus on the White nodes mentioned above.

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