Monster Hunter Rise: Guide To Palico Types And Support Moves

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Monster Hunter Rise reintroduces the ability to hire multiple Buddies after World restricted you to one Palico for the whole game. To keep Felynes distinct from the new Canyne buddies, Palicos come with a great variety of support moves, and will periodically use these moves during hunts to assist the player.

Palicos are divided into different support types, but even within a short number of types, there's a lot of variety to be found. Not all moves are created equal, though – there are a few pitfalls to avoid. A well-equipped Palico tuned to your personal preferences and playstyle can be a huge asset during even the most dangerous hunts.

What Are Palico Types?

There are five types of Palico – Healer, Assist, Fight, Bombardier, and Gathering. The type determines what support moves the Palico has. Each Palico has a lineup of five support moves that will unlock as it levels up. The Level 1 and Level 20 moves are the same for all Palicos in one type.

For example, all Assist Palicos have Felyne Silkbind and Poison Purr-ison. The Level 5, 10, and 15 support moves are random. There is a slightly greater chance for the move in those slots to match the Palico's type – as in, the most commonly found Level 5 move in Healer Palicos is Healing Bubble – but they will frequently have moves of other types as well.

To summarize, the first and last support moves are locked and exclusive to types, but the middle three are random. Types and support moves do not affect a Palico's skills or stats. You cannot change a Palico's type or skills after hiring them.


Level Support Move Effect
1 Herbaceous Healing Places a plant with restorative powers that continuously heals any nearby allies.
5 Healing Bubble Creates bubbles that pop and provide healing when touched. Bigger bubbles heal more.
10 Vase of Vitality Places a vase that heals various status ailments. Stand in the smoke to receive its effects.
15 Furbidden Acorn Heals a buddy and temporarily prevents loss of its health.
20 Health Horn Greatly recovers Buddy and player health.

Healer Palicos are entirely focused on restoring health. Herbaceous Healing and Vase of Vitality act like the Escuregot and Antidobra Hunting Helpers, respectively. Healing Bubble creates two bubbles, one small and one large, that will restore health when you pop them with an attack. The bubbles last for a while, and monster or Buddy attacks won't pop them.

Health Horn will restore your health without having to interact with anything or stay in a certain area. Furbidden Acorn is the least useful move. If a Buddy loses all their health, they will simply leave the battle for a few moments until it regenerates. All the other moves can heal Buddies and hunters, so there's no reason to use one that only helps the former.

If Healer Palicos suffer from anything it's overspecialization. As you get better at hunting and stockpile better healing items, a Palico with only healing moves is kind of overkill. They're still very good for new players, and even in the late game, it's good to have at least one Healer skill on a Palico of any type.


Level Support Move Effect
1 Felyne Silkbind Fires movement-hindering ironsilk at large monsters, using a Palico-sized ballista.
5 Go, Fight, Win Reduces hunters' stamina loss while your Palico is dancing.
10 Summeown Endemic Life Places a fragrant pouch that entices nearby endemic life to approach.
15 Shock Purr-ison Sets up a shock trap that stops large monsters from moving.
20 Poison Purr-ison Sets a trap that immobilizes large monsters and inflicts them with poison.

Assist Palicos have a variety of support moves that aren't direct damage or healing. Go, Fight, Win is very good for hunters frequently concerned with their stamina. The real prizes are the two Purr-ison moves. Any monster walking into a Palico's trap will be immobilized just as long as they would be by a hunter's trap. You cannot capture monsters with Palico traps, but they are excellent opportunities for breathers or just uninterrupted damage dealing. Shock Purr-ison is available to Palicos of all types, and it's hands down the best support move for that slot.

Felyne Silkbind will restrict a monster's movement, but they will still be able to attack. Summeown Endemic Life makes Endemic Life spawn in the area, most notably a free Wirebug. It is good but there are much better options for the Level 10 slot.


Level Support Move Effect
1 Rousing Roar Lets loose a fearsome roar, empowering buddies and hunters.
5 Whirlwind Assault Spins around using their weapon to create a whirlwind then ram into monsters.
10 Power Drum Sounds a drum that raises attack and defense for both hunters and Buddies.
15 Fleet-foot Feat Draws a monster's attention, skillfully evades their attack, then mounts a counterattack.
20 Furr-ious Your Palico becomes fur-ious. In this state, their attack power increases drastically.

Fight Palicos support their hunter with additional DPS. They're more aggressive than other types and often draw monsters' attention. But when it comes to dealing damage, even Fight Palicos are outclassed by Palamutes in almost every way. Most of the Fight Palico's self-buffing moves have an equivalent Palamute Gear scroll.

The real reason to pick a Fight Palico is their hunter-buffing moves. Rousing Roar will give you a sizable Affinity boost that lasts for a long time – over two minutes. Power Drum is also great. Although Rousing Roar is extremely good, picking a Fight Palico will also lock their Level 20 move as Furr-ious, which isn't very useful. Whirlwind Assault and Fleet-foot Feat are also unremarkable.


Level Support Move Effect
1 Felyne Wyvernblast Fires Palico-sized Wyvernblast shells at monsters, triggering explosions when they strike.
5 Zap Blast Spinner Unleashes a horde of top-shaped bombs that track monsters.
10 Anti-Monster Mine Places a mine that explodes when tripped by a large monster, sometimes also staggering them.
15 Flash Bombay Sets a bomb that flies into the air and emits a bright flash.
20 Giga Barrel Bombay Rushes at a foe with a Giga Barrel Bomb.

Bombardier Palicos also focus on dealing damage. The main difference between them and Fight Palicos is that Bombardiers have a bit more utility. Their exploding attacks are also good for breaking monster parts.

Felyne Wyvernblast, Zap Blast Spinner, and Giga Barrel Bombay are all fine moves that deal good damage. Anti-Monster Mine is a good attack that has the added utility of causing a flinch. Flash Bombay works the same as the Flash Bombs hunters throw. It can be very useful if timed right, but Palicos will miss their shot fairly often. None of the Bombardier Palico's moves are bad per se, but they also aren't great. Flash Bombay is a decent option on a Palico of a different type, but that's about it.


Level Support Move Effect
1 Endemic Life Barrage Fires endemic life at monsters from a ballista. Results vary according to launched creatures.
5 Mega Boomerang Hurls a gargantuan boomerang based on weapon attack type at foes.
10 Camouflage Your Palico conceals themselves temporarily, preventing them from being targeted by monsters.
15 Shock Tripper Drops a lingering electric field that inflicts thunderblight on monsters within it.
20 Pilfer A boomerang attack that steals materials from monsters.

Gathering Palicos are very popular among endgame hunters for one reason: Pilfer. If your Palico hits with Pilfer, it will take an extra material from the monster. You can see the pilfered items on the reward screen at the end of a hunt. Rare drops like plates and gems are included in the item pool for Pilfer, and a Palico will probably get 2-3 Pilfer hits in one hunt.

The other exclusive Gathering move, Endemic Life Barrage, is unpredictable. When your Palico uses the move, they will shoot a Blastoad, Poisontoad, Paratoad, or Sleeptoad at the monster. Sometimes they will forget to catch a toad and the move will fail. The toads your Palico shoots are not from your Endemic Life inventory. It is entirely random whether the move will work or not. When it does work it's extremely effective for a Level 1 move.

Mega Boomerang, Camouflage, and Shock Tripper are not particularly good compared to support moves from other types at those levels. In fact, Camouflage should be avoided. One of the biggest functions of buddies is to draw aggro, so turning invisible kind of defeats the purpose.

Best Palico Support Moves

There are many good options for support moves in every slot. A lot of it comes down to your playstyle and needs. If you want the best all-purpose Buddy, look for a Gathering Palico with the following set of moves. This Palico will be able to buff the hunter, heal blights, impede the monster and steal extra materials.

  • Level 1: Endemic Life Barrage
  • Level 5: Go, Fight, Win
  • Level 10: Vase of Vitality
  • Level 15: Shock Purr-ison
  • Level 20: Pilfer

When talking to Iori in the Buddy Plaza, use the Scout option to select Gathering Palicos. After that, it is pure luck if a Palico with a certain set of moves will be available to hire.

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