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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak brings hunters to the region of Elgado, a knightly base that hosts the remnant people of an old kingdom, befallen by a calamity. Lady Fiorayne recruits your help as a fellow hunter to solve the mystery behind the Qurio, and you must heed her call in a new adventure.

One of the new areas you can visit is the Citadel map, where the ruins of the old castle lie as a constant reminder of more glorious past times. If you want to know a bit more about this place, you can obtain the Relic Records that tell a story of difficult times, and here's everything you need to know to find them.

Citadel Relic Record Locations

Relic Record #1

To obtain the first Relic Record you must travel inside this cave in Area 13. You won't be able to enter from the southern entrance since it's blocked, so you need to surround it and enter from an opening a bit further to the north.

Relic Record #2

This sword can be found underneath a flower bed, and to reveal it you must hit the bushes with your weapon.

Relic Record #3

There will be a ruined tower in Area 12, and you must climb up the top to claim this Relic Record.

Relic Record #4

On the entrance to the inner castle, you can climb up the wall or jump multiple times using your wirebugs, and on top of this ruined stone arch you will find the next Relic Record.

Relic Record #5

To obtain this Record you must head to the eastern part of the outer wall of the castle, and you will see an underground entrance you can use to reach this closed area. The sword will be stuck under a small stone arch.

Relic Record #6

Go to Area Ten and use the Great Wirebug in there. It will propel you high up in the air, from where you can chain a few Wirebug jumps, to reach the ledge where this sword sits.

Relic Record #7

In the higher levels of area Five, there will be a huge hole you can jump into that will lead to a cave with a tunnel. Keep walking through the tunnels until you reach an area with a broken wooden ceiling, and climb up until you reach the small opening with the sword stuck in it.

Relic Record #8

Head to the abandoned residential area between areas Two and Three, and blow up a red door that will reveal this sword, surrounded by Golden Spiribugs.

Relic Record #9

This Relic can be obtained by climbing up the vines leading to area Seven and using wirebug jumps to reach that peak. The sword will be resting at the top.

Relic Record #10

From the site where the sub-camp is, keep going further into that path until you reach this Relic Record, surrounded by multiple Red Spiribirds.


Every time you get 5 Relic Records on this location, merchant Oboro will reward you with a piece of decoration for your rooms.

  • 5 Relics Reward: Garangolm Statue
  • 10 Relics Reward: Lunagaron Statue

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