Monster Hunter Rise: Beat Zinogre, Weaknesses And Best Equipment

Monster Hunter Rise includes a lot of tough, powerful creatures that will deliver you a beat down, and Zinogre is no different. Many monsters, like Zinogre, can be even more challenging to defeat than the fearsome Magnamalo, if you’re not equipped for the battle properly, that is.

In this guide we’re going to break down exactly how you can break Zinogre. This giant beast has fearsome lightning abilities that can electrify and paralyse you, but with the proper preparations, you’ll be able to come out on top, even if you’re fighting solo.

Just read on below for everything you need to know to beat Zinogre in MH Rise, including what kind of weapon you should use, the armour you need to equip yourself with, and the dango that will make you more fearsome in battle.

Zinogre’s Strengths And Weaknesses

Zinogre, unlike many monsters in MHR, is unusually susceptible to gun and ammo-based weapons. Not bad, since you can equip elemental bullet to do a lot of advantageous damage. Blunt weapons and blades are also actually very useful in this fight, with blades being very slightly more effective overall. In this situation any weapon can be used to great effect.

The elements you need to avoid using in this fight are Lightning and Dragon. Lightning will be entirely ineffective against Zinogre, while Dragon will do a little bit of damage, but not much. If you want to add a heavy elemental effect to your DPS, then you should use Ice elements. Aiming Freeze Ammo directly at the head of the Zinogre is the best way to deal a lot of damage as quickly as possible.

Zinogre Breakdown

  • Weak Point – Head
  • Resistant Point – Tail
  • Elemental Weakness – Ice
  • Elemental Resistance – Lightning, Dragon
  • Best Weapon Type – Gun

Best Weapon And Armor To Fight Zinogre

A gun definitely seems to be your best bet in the fight against Zinogre, but since ammo-based weapons do not have elemental affinities, you really can pick any gun weapon you’d like – though I’d suggest a Heavy Bowgun. As long as you pair your weapon choice with Freeze Ammo and Piercing Ice Ammo, you’re safe.

If you don’t like using guns – I don’t blame you – then a blade is best, and I recommend a Long Sword like the Bastine Edge II from the Barrioth tree. Failing that, a Lagombi weapon, the Ivory Rabbit II, will also work well – though at that point it might be worth trading your elemental advantage for an overall attack boost, and selecting the weapon with the most attack.

As for armour, prime early choices include the Barroth and Khezu sets, which will be very effective once upgraded with Armor Spheres. If you have enough materials, the Kadachi armour set is gorgeous, and has a lot of resistance to Lightning and Thunder, making it ideal against Zinogre – though the overall defence stat isn’t too high.

Best Weapon And Armor

  • Weapon – Gun with Freeze Ammo
  • Armor – Barroth, Khezu, or Kadachi sets, with Armor Sphere upgrades

Best Dango To Eat For Fighting Zinogre

  • Thunder Resistance
  • Dango Defender
  • Dango Deflector

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