Monster Hunter: 10 Best Monster Designs

There are hundreds of monsters in the Monster Hunter series, with designs ranging from simple animals like crabs or monkeys, to giant, world-ending dragons and volcano-sized wyverns. When it comes to favorite monster designs, it's safe to say there's a little something for everyone.

In this list, we'll explore the 10 monsters whose designs stand out from the rest, earning a spot as some of the most iconic and interesting monsters in the entire Monster Hunter franchise. We'll take into account general design, battle presence, and accompanying theme song to determine which monsters are the best designed. In no particular order, let's start with Gore Magala.

10 Gore Magala

Arriving as the flagship monster of Monster Hunter 4, Gore Magala has remained one of the best-designed monsters since. With its jet-black exo-skeleton armor, large, flowing wings that fold into a tattered cape, and eerie lack of eyes, it's easy to see why Gore Magala is a fan-favorite design.

Although some may prefer Gore Magala's more mature older brother, Shagaru Magala, there is something about the sheer edginess of this monster that makes it undeniably cool.

9 Rathalos

When it comes to monster designs, Rathalos is a classic. Although it has a number of subspecies that some may consider better-looking, the red, fire-breathing dragon is an iconic and timeless look. It's clear to see how Rathalos has earned the title of King of the Skies, with its spiked tail, poisonous talons, and large patterned wings.

Rathalos is one of the only monsters that has appeared in every Monster Hunter game, and is considered an icon for the series. Even if you know nothing about Monster Hunter, Rathalos is a design anyone could get behind.

8 Nargacuga

Nargacuga is a flying wyvern that was first introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. While its design may appear simplistic, its striking red eye streaks when it is enraged are reason alone to appreciate the design of Nargacuga.

When it comes to speed, Nargacuga is unmatched. This monster's sleek features allow it to quickly slink through the night as it targets its next prey. Combined with its unique battle theme, hunting Nargacuga is like being stalked by a predator in the depths of a dark jungle.

7 Valstrax

The Argent Comet, Valstrax, first soared into the series in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, and has been a fan favorite ever since. This jet engine dragon has one of the most unique designs in the entire series, with its massive glowing wings and sharp silver scales.

Combined with its battle music, being suddenly dive-bombed by Valstrax in the heat of battle is an experience you won't soon forget, making this monster an easy choice for one of the best-designed monsters in the series.

6 Brachydios

Making its first appearance in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Brachydios is one of the most unique monsters on this list. The contrast of its sharp armored tail to its slimy green goo is so visually striking it's hard not to enjoy the look of Brachydios.

Whether it's beating you to a pulp with its explosive fists, or smashing you into the ground with its spiked tail, Brachydios is sure to make a lasting impression.

5 Mizutsune

Taking a sharp turn from the other monsters on this list, Mizutsune is a bewitching bubble fox beauty first introduced in Monster Hunter Generations. With its floating dream-like bubbles and swift and lithe movements, Mizutsune brings an unmatched grace to the battlefield.

Mizutsune slides gracefully around the battlefield on soapy bubbles, then slams its tail and charges with its body to knock out unsuspecting hunters. This lethal combo perfectly mirrors Mizutsune's beautiful but deadly design.

4 Glavenus

Glavenus, also introduced in Monster Hunter Generations, has a sword for a tail. If that doesn't sell you on this monster's design, nothing will. Slicing and dicing with its sword-tail, Glavenus controls the battlefield with slow but decisive movements.

Glavenus can scrape its tail through its mouth, sharpening it to increase its destructive power. While sharpened, Glavanus's tail will slowly heat up during battle, until it burns bright red, allowing Glavnus to unleash powerful explosions.

3 Zinogre

This break-dancing thunder dog from Monster Hunter Portable 3 is one of the best-designed monsters in the entire franchise. From the constant lightning crackling on its fur, to its massive tail, Zinogre is only made better by its spinning backflips.

With its updated battle theme in Monster Hunter Rise, Zinogre feels like a final boss. Zinogre's classic design puts it on the same level as Rathalos as an icon for the Monster Hunter Series.

2 Magnamalo

Appearing as the flagship monster of Monster Hunter Rise, Magnamalo is one of the best-designed monsters in its respective game. Magnamalo's bulky armored scales do nothing to slow it down as it ignites its purple flames and launches around the battlefield at breakneck speeds.

With its name roughly translating to "great evil", and its design based on a combination of dead samurai armor and will-o'-the-wisps, Magnamalo is sure to remain a staple in awesome monster designs well into the future.

1 Vaal Hazak

First introduced in Monster Hunter: World, Vaal Hazak is an Elder Dragon that commands the domain of the dead. This dragon's torn cloth scales and fleshy wings further emphasize its place as the master of death. With its toxic Effluvium gas, Vaal Hazak will drain the life of invaders to feed itself.

With its rotting flesh and zombified appendages, Vaal Hazak is one of the most unique, and terrifying, monster designs throughout the entire series.

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