Monark: All Alter Ego Locations

Egos are a huge part of the world in Monark. According to Cromwell, they are the “wills of individuals” and come in seven basic forms. Conveniently, these forms correlate exactly to the seven deadly sins: Pride, Wrath, Envy, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, and Lust.

In another work, Cromwell expounds on the existence of Alter Egos, which are fragments of the heart that get extracted from humans when they encounter the mist. Naturally, as there’s a lot of mist in this game, you’ll encounter lots of Alter Egos that can be absorbed to improve your stats.

Alter Egos Overview

Alter Egos take the form of small, red, dark crystals that float in the air. You can interact with them, and one of two things will happen:

  • If your corresponding Ego is high enough, you will absorb the Alter Ego, leading to a stat boost for the entire party – including characters you haven’t encountered yet.
  • If your corresponding Ego is not high enough, you will be told what the Ego requirement actually is to acquire the Alter Ego. It’s best to make a note of the Alter Ego’s location and come back when you’ve reached the threshold.

There are 30 Alter Egos to find in the game. You can see which ones you have and which ones you have yet to acquire by heading to the Profiles menu on your cell phone.

Here, any character with a diamond shape next to their name will have an Alter Ego somewhere in the game once you have interacted with them. Their bio will usually give you a good hint as to the location of their Alter Ego, but this is not always the case. Once you have acquired a character’s Alter Ego, the diamond will turn from a blank gray icon into a filled-in crystal icon.

Collecting your first Alter Ego will nab you the Alter Ego Contigo achievement, which comes with Male Voice D as a reward.

All Alter Egos

The table below lists all Alter Egos in the game apart from the final one, which has its own section since its identity is quite the spoiler.

Student Name Alter Ego Location Stat Increase
Perrine Ikejuri First Year Building, First Floor, Art Room PSY +3
Koichi Izumi Club Block C, Second Floor, Track and Field Room ATK +5
Reiko Izumi Memorial Garden DEF +3
Hikari Kioi Library, Second Floor, West Wing AGI +6
Kanade Kitagawa First Year Building, First Floor, Classroom 1-A HP +8
Chris Carpenter Club Block A, First Floor, Corridor LUK +3
Miho Sonobe First Year Building, Third Floor, Classroom 1-F HP +6
Hidefumi Yoshida First Year Building, Rooftop HP +6
Kenyu Umezawa Second Year Building, First Floor, Classroom 2-B ATK +3
Mitsuyasu Jinbo East Street DEF +4
Takamori Suzuki Entrance Street AGI +5
Miyu Tachibana Main Building, Second Floor, Corridor ATK +6
Anna Hatta Club Block C, First Floor, Corridor LUK +5
Akira Brown Library, First Floor LUK +2
Rinne Asahina Main Building, First Floor, Corridor PSY +3
Yushuo Okawa Club Block C, First Floor, Corridor AGI +3
Mirai Otomo Central Street PSY +4
Junichiro Shigeno Second Year Building, Second Bloor, Biology Lab AGI +3
Mihono Takagi West Street DEF +4
Jo Nijima Main Building, Second Floor, Classroom 3-A ATK +2
Yunichiro Shigeno Club Block C, First Floor, Baseball Club HP +3
Hina Maisaka Archives, Second Floor, Special Exhibition Room PSY +5
Yoshika Machimura Main Building, Second Floor, Classroom 3-D ATK +4
Tetsuya Mihara Club Block C, First Floor, Storage Closet HP +8
Shigeyuki Mura Old Dormitory, Courtyard DEF +6
Shiro Sato Main Building, Rooftop PSY +5
Hiroki Suzuya Second Year Building, First Floor, Staff Room HP +5
Teruhide Takahashi First Year Building, First Floor, Staff Room HP +4
Risa Hayashibara Main Building, Third Floor, Music Room DEF +3

How To Get The Final Alter Ego

The final Alter Ego can be found on the third tab of the Profiles menu, in the same small list as Vanitas. This spoilerific character can only be encountered after you have beaten the game and everything about them is supposed to be a surprise.

So you have been warned.

Click the "read more" button to find out how to acquire the final Alter Ego.

The character with the final Alter Ego is Mitsuru Hasegawa, and the only way to bring her into the game is to wish for her revival. To do this, you will have to defeat each of the Monarks again using special Sign numbers and then defeat the final boss again.

With this done, you can wish for Mitsuru to be revived and talk to her. Once this is done, you’ll find her Alter Ego in the Infirmary. It provides AGI +4.

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