Mokoko Is A Puzzle Game For Anime Perverts (And It Looks Pretty Fun)

It’s not everyday we get an announcement about a video game that revolves around anime and retro-inspired puzzles. However, there are days when the internet is graced with such announcements, ones that are sure to raise the curiosity of respective fans (be they anime, puzzle, or even both). Such happens to be the case with Naisu’s Mokoko, “a nostalgic arcade gameplay remastered with a modern touch and absurd stories, in anime theme.”

As the one sentence summary of the game might already suggest, Mokoko is a retro-inspired arcade game but with an anime theme. For those who played games like Qix, Volified, or Airxonix, they already know what to expect from Mokoko in terms of gameplay. For those who never heard of the mentioned games or never played them, basically, the goal is to claim as much of the area as possible by drawing various shapes in it and isolating some/all of the enemies. Mokoko aims to bring back such gameplay but with its own twist.

According to the game’s Kickstarter page, Mokoko has a total of 24 levels (more if other funding goals are met) with each one having its own enemies and bosses. Players are tasked with conquering the majority of the initial area in order to save an anime girl who apparently seems to be in some sort of trouble. As the players are conquering the area by drawing shapes, their shields are deactivated, meaning that the enemies may hurt them (shields go back up when not drawing). If players are not fast enough, the shields will burn out and the risk of getting hurt increases. Once a level is successfully completed, a rather seductive picture of a girl is revealed and players can then continue her story or unlock another girl.

Aside from having 24 initial levels, there will be eight girls for players to rescue, along with 24 bosses, 24 enemies, four traps, four power-ups, and two towers (what is the purpose of the towers remains unclear at the moment). If more people contribute to Mokoko, it will be able to support more languages, have more dialogue, have music, be able to be marketed, and so on.

Mokoko is planned to release on PC via Steam on February 14, 2020.

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