Modern Warfare: How To Unlock The Velikan Operator Bundle

It might be a stretch to say a new operator is being introduced into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, considering how little is known about the character, but a new member of Shadow Company has joined the game’s roster. Velikan, whose name, language, and citizenship are all redacted information, is set up to be as enigmatic as possible, however unlocking him isn’t nearly as mysterious. If you want to unlock this new mercenary to take into battle in Spec Ops, Multiplayer, and Warzone, check out our complete guide.

How To Unlock Velikan

Unlocking Velikan and his associated legendary blueprints is as simple as purchasing the new Velikan Operator Bundle. This will set you back 2,400 CoD points, or $20, and includes the titular operator, the previously mentioned blueprints, an epic operator quip, epic finishing move, epic vehicle skin, one new charm, calling card, and a spray.

The bundle is available now for purchase in the game’s shop.

The Trencher and Excavator Blueprints

Probably the most exciting part of the Velikan Bundle are the two legendary blueprints included with it.

First is the Trencher LMG. This high capacity gun comes equipped with negative tracer rounds for a higher damage range, and the XRK Summit 26.8″ barrel attachment ramps up the bullet velocity. A Tac Laser boosts its ADS speed, and the bipod keeps the heavy recoil under control when fired from a crouched or prone position. This gun is Velikan’s problem solver for large encounters and holding objectives.

When Velikan needs to get up close and personal, he has his Excavator shot gun to rely on to solve problems fast. Again utilizing negative tracer rounds, the other attachments focus on increasing hip-fire accuracy and ADS speeds, such as the 5mW Laser. And if things get really close, the breacher device makes this gun just as lethal as a melee option as it is at range.

Who Is This Guy?

Again, precious little is known about Velikan himself. What we can say for certain is that he is part of the Allegiance faction and Shadow Company, but beyond that, information seems to be purposefully scarce. They seem to be hyping him up as some legendary assassin with no clear history or relationships. If there’s one thing to take away about Velikan, is that he’s meant to be a game changer in the fight raging in Verdansk.

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