Modern Warfare 4: Call of Duty 2019 could add pro perks and classic killstreaks once again

The second rumour surrounding killstreaks doesn’t go into detail, simply stating that Infinity Ward will be rolling its existing killstreaks from past games into MW4.

Call of Duty fans will remember that the original Modern Warfare had only three killstreaks – the UAV, airstrike, and helicopter.

Over the years, these have become more and more elaborate, with changes to the streak system such as pointstreaks and deathstreaks.

If Modern Warfare 4 double dips on those past games, expect the return of care packages, as well as sentry guns, Juggernauts, and of course the dreaded nuclear missile.

Of course, none of this has been substantiated by developer Infinity Ward.

That said, it honestly wouldn’t be a surprise. It’s no secret that the team’s recent Call of Duty games have been fairly hit and miss, 2013’s Ghosts showing the series at its most fatigued.

Meanwhile Infinite Warfare angered fans by reworking its online multiplayer too much, despite having one of the better story-driven campaign modes in the series to date.

Bringing back pro perks and classic killstreaks could go one of two ways. Although praised a decade ago for adding more variety and complexity to the online multiplayer, there’s a reason why these features were phased out.

Pro perks gave experienced players an undeniable advantage over those who hadn’t completed certain, sometimes arbitrary, in-game challenges.

By the time Modern Warfare 3 came about, the number of killstreak options available also seemed a bit over the top.

Not only did it create more of a learning curve, figuring out which ones worked best in various scenarios, it also encouraged players to camp – everyone wanting to get their hands on a nuke.

However, filtering these systems back into the game will add a certain pang of nostalgia Modern Warfare fans are hungry for.

MW3 saw the series reach peak sales and with Activision having lost its other flagship shooter series, Destiny, the publisher is no doubt putting pressure on Infinity Ward to recapture Moder Warfare’s former glory.

Of course, we won’t know any specific details until Activision unveils its next Call of Duty game.

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