Modern Warfare 2 Player Dying Twice In One Killcam Sparks Outrage

For the average not-so-skilled online shooter player, the bare minimum objective is to get a positive kill-death ratio. We can pride ourselves in these small victories, and sometimes even reach upwards to get the most kills in a game. However, even these paltry achievements can only be attained if you manage to stay alive long enough. Modern Warfare 2 has already been getting flak for its respawn system, but one player's recent experience truly showcases how urgently the devs need to address it.

As demonstrated by ZestyRanch1219's post on the Modern Warfare 2 Subreddit, the current respawn system is broken in such a way that there's a chance of a player getting killed twice in the same killcam (thanks PCGamesN). It also has to be noted that this incident took place on Taraq, which is a relatively open map, but that's no excuse for the player respawning so close to where they were killed.

In the barely 16-second video, you can see that the player respawned barely seven to ten meters from where they were killed. It also appears that the player who killed them knew exactly where they were going to respawn, as they had their scope trained on the spot. It seems that players are now taking advantage of this broken system to rack up the kills.

"That's this game's spawning in a nutshell. Situations like this and the spawn camping are on another level in this one," said the most upvoted comment, which was accompanied by many more complaints.

"The spawns are exactly how they intended this garbage. But you can see the flaws on a map like this with no buildings or walls…where they forgot to actually make a map," said another comment, trying to explain the logic behind these spawns. "When you get killed often (when space permits it) the game spawns you close to the enemy that killed you, and vice versa (you kill, that enemy player spawns close to you).

This is why players who don't realize this are dying shortly after a kill, because that enemy player knows where you are and is coming for a revenge kill. And those who know this can manipulate this garbage spawn system by being ready for the same enemy player coming for you."

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