Modder Adds Devil May Cry’s Style Meter To Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 just got a lot more stylish thanks to this work-in-progress mod that adds Devil May Cry's style meter to the game.

Although Kingdom Hearts is beloved for many a reason, one of the main ones that come up is its fast-paced, flashy combat. Although the two series are worlds apart when it comes to combat, apparently enough people are comparing Kingdom Hearts to Devil May Cry to start making mods that bring them together.

Modder dOgExTylom is doing just that by adding a working style meter to Kingdom Hearts 3. If you've never played a Devil May Cry game before then, go fix that, but the style meter essentially measures how well you're doing in combat and goes up when performing different moves, mixing in a taunt here and there and generally keeping battle going without slowing down or repeating the same moves over and over.

It works similarly in this Kingdom Hearts 3 mod, as you're encouraged to mix up your moves and use magic and form changes in between regular attacks. Why? Well, as dOgExTylom puts it, "It's honestly just user-preference. However, I've implemented a couple of incentives to motivate you to do well! At the end of the fight, on top of a High Score system, you'll be given some BONUS MUNNY depending on your end rank and your Style Points! This should help with some of the grindy-ness of munny when you need it!"

To keep things interesting, dOgExTylom has made the mod detect when you're button-mashing. They describe it as "a system that detects when you've reached a certain threshold of button presses during a certain state (i.e. attacking), and once you've reached this threshold you won't gain any more style points until you *stop* pressing the button. Once you stop, it'll be on a cooldown that, once completed, will reset your Button Mash Counter for that specific state. The only states that have these "Cooldowns" are attacking, using magic, weapon switching, and using the Auto Fire mechanic for Double Arrowguns."

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