Minecraft Players Are Shocked At How Big The Sniffer Mob Is

A Mojang developer has given Minecraft players an early look at the upcoming Sniffer Mob, showing that it's a lot bigger than any of us expected it to be.

Late last year, Mojang let Minecraft fans decide what new Mob would be added to the game next, letting them choose between the Rascal, the Tough Golem, and the Sniffer. The Sniffer ended up winning the vote, which wasn't too much of a surprise considering Minecraft players had already taken to it quite quickly, making it a clear fan-favourite.

At the time of the vote, Minecraft fans only had a pixelated version of the Mob to base their choice on, but Mojang artist wChiwi has shared a new look at the Mob over on Twitter with a brief gameplay video. The video shows a Sniffer out in the wild and the main takeaway from players so far is that it's much larger than it had previously seemed.

The Sniffer is also a lot cuter than it initially seemed, mostly down to the unique sniffing animation that sees its massive snout rising and falling. There's no animation attached yet, but if Mojang is wise then it should really lean into the whole cute thing. It's still not clear when the Sniffer is going to be added to Minecraft, but it looks like work on it is going well, as it's clearly been implemented in the game in some form.

Beyond being a big boi and early candidate for my new best friend, Mojang has previously revealed that the Sniffer is a "gentle giant" that is known for its horticultural skills. Their primary purpose (again, aside from the best friend thing), is finding "long-lost ancient seeds" that then grow into a variety of new plants, which are hopefully going to be introduced whenever the Sniffer is.

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