Minecraft Player Walking From Southern Africa To Northern Europe In 1:1 Recreation Of Earth

Some people run marathons, others climb Mount Everest, and some swim the English Channel. But, why do all that in the real world when you could walk from the southern tip of Africa to the northernmost point in mainland Europe in the virtual?

Redditor Hable061 decided to share their plans to trek from one side of the world to the other in a 1:1 scale recreation of the Earth in Minecraft using the Terra++ mod. They're taking on this challenge in survival mod and without any cheats.

As of 14 hours ago, Hable had just left Cape Town and was following the coastline north. The point-to-point distance is almost 12,000 kilometers, but Hable reckons they'll be travelling further than that as it won't always be possible for them to go in a straight line.

They're currently debating whether they should stream their escapades or upload them to YouTube. We vote both, but that's a lot of work on top of travelling the length of the globe.

One commenter was very supportive of the endeavour, writing "Godspeed you magnificent bastard." Another suggested that after they complete the journey in-game they should repeat it in real life and document it. At least real life doesn't have Creepers, but crossing the Sahara will be a bit more difficult.

The Terra++ mod recreates the rivers, roads, and mountains, but not individual buildings. So don't expect to see your own town on Hable's journey. Although, there is a team called Build the Earth who are trying to add absolutely everything to the game. Just give them some time.

Hable's quest reminds us of Far Lands or Bust, one YouTuber's journey to raise money for charity by venturing to the Far Lands in an old Minecraft build. Once the world has generated to a certain point, the RAM gets all screwy and creates a strange landscape of harsh, imposing cliffs.

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