Miitopia review: A wonderful Final Fantasy-like charmer for Nintendo Switch

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When Nintendo announced Miitopia for the Switch, there were a few raised eyebrows.

The creation of personalised Mii characters was introduced alongside the Wii in 2006. Nintendo’s theory was that players could create unique personalised avatars to use throughout the console’s lifespan.

However, despite the popularity of the Mii characters, they’ve been on the sidelines for what feels like forever.

Miitopia brings the avatars back to the centre of the action in a fantasy RPG that is reminiscent of early Final Fantasy games, as well as more recent examples such as Bravely Default.

The premise of the game is simple. An evil overlord has stolen the faces of the residents of Miitopia, and it’s your job to fight the forces of evil and reclaim them.

Almost every character in the game – from your avatar, to the world-ending evil creature – are designed by you, the player, and take on the characteristics of the caricature-ish Miis.

Along the journey players will embark on further side quests including saving princesses, defeating large monsters, and reclaiming lost items – all for shiny loot, and powerful new weapons.

None of the writing is particularly spectacular, but it is at least enjoyable. However, the real bones of the game can be found in the combat system.

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