Midnight Suns’ Initial Roster Had 25 Heroes

Marvel's Midnight Suns let you live out your ultimate superhero fantasy – if sharing a haunted frat house with 12 other heroes is your ultimate superhero fantasy. It's basically Persona set in the Marvel universe. You get to hang out, make friends, and stop your evil mum with characters from The Avengers, X-Men, Runaways, and others who don't belong to any team. Trying to build bonds with 12 other people is hard enough as it is, but it seems Firaxis initially planned on adding more.

With the game's first DLC out, Deadpool has taken the total population of The Abbey up to 15 – counting only those that are actually alive. But it seems that at one point, the devs planned an initial roster of 25 heroes to start with. Sure, The Abbey would have gotten a bit crowded, but maybe then the Midnight Suns wouldn't be spread so thin that they would have to attack only in teams of three.

Speaking to PCGamesN, game designer Jake Solomon said, "I could make the case for probably 50 or 60 heroes. I’d be super excited to tell their stories and excited to make them bounce off of each other. My executive producer showed me our initial roster for the game. And it was like 25 heroes. And it was ridiculous. He was like, ‘we’re never going to be able to make this many heroes and all this stuff.’”

Of course, that begs the question, which other Marvel characters would Firaxis add to the roster of Midnight Suns? Punisher seems like a good option, but Solomon pointed out that Blade already fills the role that Frank Castle would have taken, so that idea was rejected. However, he did mention a certain X-Man who would fit the bill – none other than Channing Tatum himself, Gambit.

“So yes, and the reason we thought about Gambit, and we gave him some very serious consideration, is because you can make a case for him in a supernatural game, but like also the card thing … he just fits right,” explained Solomon. Who knows, perhaps we'll get to see a neat little card trick some time in the future.

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