Midnight Fight Express: Where To Find All Eight Teeth In Mission 13

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Most of the challenges found in Midnight Fight Express can be relatively straightforward, but some are much more involved than others and can be hard to focus on when the combat is constantly going full speed off the rails. Whether you're seeking out challenges to 100 percent the game or touching up your skills to become the ultimate bruiser, there's lots to keep you busy post-game.

The Mission of today's focus is Mission 13 – Civilian Evacuation Center, which has one particular challenge that may be tricky for some: finding and obtaining eight teeth scattered around the level. This challenge will surely trip some up, which is totally understandable due to how unhinged things can quickly get in this game. Nonetheless, we have the locations, and you want to know them, so let's dive right in!

Challenges do not become available for a Mission until after you have cleared it, so the teeth will not be placed around the level until you do so. Be sure you have cleared Mission 13 – Civilian Evacuation Center at least once before continuing!

Tooth #1 Location

The first tooth can be found directly to the left of your spawn point at the very start of the level. There will be a few lounge chairs you can knock out of the way to see better, but this is by far the easiest one to find and obtain in the whole level.

Tooth #2 Location

After grabbing the first tooth, work your way up a couple of ramps until you encounter your first group of enemies. Once here, dispatch these enemies and look for a bench in front of the giant neon 'BAR' sign. The tooth will be on this bench. Before moving any further in the level, please check the entry below for the next tooth, so you don't miss it!

Tooth #3 Location

Your third tooth will be found inside the bar mentioned earlier. After scooping up the second tooth from the bench, turn around, look for the door to the left of the giant neon 'BAR' sign, and enter. There may be a few enemies in here, so be prepared. Once inside, look for a blue chair in the back left of the room. The tooth will be behind the chair.

Tooth #4 Location

From the bar, the game will want you to take the ramp up and head right to continue the Mission. However, to find the fourth tooth, you will want to take the ramp up and then go left to find a dock. The tooth will be resting at the edge of the dock, ready to be claimed by you.

Tooth #5 Location

Now that you have picked up the fourth tooth follow the pathway as you normally would until you reach the first thing of pavement in the level. There will be several strong enemies here, so be on your best guard. After eliminating them, the game will tell you to go up, but you will want to go to the bottom right of the area instead. There will be stairs that aren't attached to anything. The fifth tooth will be on the last step.

Tooth #6 Location

For the sixth tooth, follow the main pathway until you come across even more neon signs. This time of cocktails and ice cream floats! Fight off the enemies in the area, then enter through the door to the left of the neon signs. The tooth will be in the middle of some rotting corpses on the ground. What a gross and weird sentence.

Tooth #7 Location

Next up is the seventh tooth, which can be found shortly after you obtain the sixth one. To find this tooth, follow the main path until you reach a room with two surgical chairs and several enemies. Make quick work of the enemies in the room and head out the doorway to the left. The tooth will be on the edge of yet another dock in this area. These pirates sure love their boats, fishing, and docks, right?

Tooth #8 Location

Lastly, we have the eighth and final tooth to collect, which can be found just a few steps away from the previous one. With the seventh one in your possession, follow the main path until you reach a group of enemies outside a gray building. Take them down as you see fit, and then instead of entering the building, take a right and head down a series of steps until you reach another, smaller dock. The final tooth will be sitting on the dock!

Remember to finish the Mission! Exiting the Mission may not register that you have completed the challenge, so be sure to see it through. The final tooth is located mere steps away from the exit, so you don't have much further to go anyways!

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