Midnight Fight Express: Where To Find All Eight Casino Chips In Mission 22

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If you are looking for things to do after rolling credits in Midnight Fight Express, we recommend going back and trying to obtain S Ranking on each mission or attempting to clear every challenge in the game's forty levels to unlock some sick cosmetic items for your character. While some of the challenges will force you to put in the effort to complete them, the lot of them are relatively easy to wrap your head around and execute.

One of the more demanding challenges in the game is finding and collecting eight Casino Chips meticulously placed around the game's 22nd Mission, Russian Casino. While their placements aren't too devious, the size of the Casino Chips can make some near-impossible to see, especially amidst the chaos of the action. So, to make things easier for you, we tracked all of them down and have their locations documented below.

The Casino Chips will not be present in the mission until you have completed it. So, to avoid confusion, we highly recommend making sure you have cleared the 22nd Mission, Russian Casino, before following this guide!

Casino Chip #1 Location

After the mission's introductory cutscene plays out, head to the next room and get ready to take on a small wave of enemies after taking a few steps forward. After successfully eliminating the enemies, look for the first door on the left. Your first Casino Chip will be on the ground directly in front of the door, next to a stand.

Casino Chip #2 Location

The second Casino Chip is found in the same room as the first one, just a few feet from it. To easily pinpoint it, head towards the middle of the slot machines on the lefthand side of the room to find it lying on the floor between two vacant seats.

Casino Chip #3 Location

With the second Casino Chip in your pocket, you are free to head into the next area. There will be many waves of enemies here, so take them out before even thinking about obtaining any of the Chips scattered throughout this room. This part can be pretty challenging on higher difficulties, so be prepared for the fight of your life.

After clearing the enemies, you can find your third Chip in the bottom right corner of the screen, between two rows of slot machines. To make this Casino Chip easier to locate, you can follow the tables towards the bottom of the screen from left to right. Once you reach the table furthest to the right, you should see the Chip just beyond it when looking toward the slots.

Casino Chip #4 Location

Your fourth Casino Chip will be found in the same room as the third one, on the opposite end of the room. To make matters easier, follow the tables located towards the bottom of the screen from right to left. Once you reach the furthest table on the left, look for a roped-off walkway that leads to a counter. Your fourth Chip will be on the ground just before the cash register.

Casino Chip #5 Location

The fifth Casino Chip also shares the same room as the third and fourth ones and is located pretty close to the fourth one. After collecting the fourth one, head to the upper left corner of the room, where a man is celebrating hitting the jackpot. Your fifth Chip will be here, trying to blend in with the coins on the ground.

Casino Chip #6 Location

After pocketing the fifth Casino Chip, it's time to head into the final area of the mission, where you will find the last three Chips. This is also where you will fight more waves of enemies, even more than last time. So, as always, we strongly urge you to clear out all of them before trying to scavenge for the Casino Chips.

Once you have disposed of all the enemies, make your way back to where you entered the room. From here, head to the top left of the room to the slot machines roped off in the corner. You will see the celebrating man from earlier on the other side of the wall, which you can use as your reference point. Your sixth Casino Chip will be on the ground beside the slot machines.

Casino Chip #7 Location

From the sixth Casino Chip, walk straight ahead until you find the roulette table in the bottom right corner of the screen. The seventh Casino Chip will be on the ground beside the table on the other side of a rope. To get it, walk around the rope and snatch it up. You may have to do some minor finagling on your end to squeeze through, but you should be able to reach it with little to no effort!

Casino Chip #8 Location

Your eighth and final Casino Chip is located near the mission's exit point at the top right of the screen. To easily find it, look for another roulette table opposite the previous entry and a barstool directly beside it. The last Casino Chip is on the ground underneath the barstool.

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