Midnight Fight Express: All Side Objectives Explained

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Midnight Fight Express is a unique Beat-'em-Up that offers the turbulent action you'd expect, with layers of twin-stick shooting thrown into the mix to ramp up the adrenaline. There are lots to see and do across the game's expansive forty missions, with each of them having unique challenges and side objectives that can earn you fashionable outfits and clothing options.

There is never a dull moment in this off-the-wall brawler, and these challenges and objectives will surely keep you sticking around well after you've rolled credits. If you like to tackle everything a game has to offer, then you won't be disappointed with what's essentially the endgame content of Midnight Fight Express.

Side Objectives Overview

In Midnight Fight Express, there are four total side objectives for you to tackle, ranging from talking to a random NPC during a mission to collecting Gold Teeth from foes you beatdown to trying to achieve an S Rank on each mission. Though each activity is varied, all of them grant you cosmetics, with obtaining 100 percent on a mission giving you a special reward we will cover a bit later. But, for now, let's go over what each side objective covers.

Gold Teeth

Gold Teeth are a form of collectible in Midnight Fight Express that randomly pop out of enemies as you deliver a finishing blow. There are Ten Gold Teeth per mission, and you likely won't get all ten your first time through. While it is a random drop, it seems that using Skills will have them drop much more frequently, but they can also fall out of your opponent's mouth with standard attacks.

Gathering all Ten Gold Teeth in a mission will unlock a cosmetic for you to purchase from the 'Appearance' section from your Hideout. Every mission has five cosmetics you can unlock, and since Gold Teeth is part of every mission, you can get a total of forty unique items if you obtain the Gold Teeth in every level.


Every mission will have a series of three unique challenges you can take on, each rewarding a cosmetic item you can purchase upon completion. These challenges can range from completing a mission under a specific time to sticking plungers to your enemies' faces and much more. Some challenges are relatively straightforward, while some are much more involved and incredibly complicated to pull off, so be prepared.

Additionally, challenges will not become available for a mission until after completing it, meaning you cannot look them up ahead of time and do them your first time through it. Furthermore, some challenges cannot be completed unless you have specific Skills unlocked, making them a perfect post-game activity as you will have every Skill and can go back through and tackle them without much hassle.

S Rank

Obtaining an S Rank on a mission will also grant you a unique cosmetic item that you can purchase from the 'Appearance' shop from the Hideout. Like the others, since you can achieve an S Ranking on every mission, you can unlock forty cosmetic items for your character if you become a master brawler and take on this challenge.

Several things are brought into consideration when determining your mission ranking, such as the difficulty you're playing on, how fast you completed the mission, how varied your attacks were, and much more. We recommend tackling this goal after you have completed the three unique challenges and gathered the Gold Teeth for the mission. You will be much more familiar with the level and can approach it with the knowledge and skill needed to achieve the S Rank.

Special Characters

Lastly, some missions will have random Special Characters hidden throughout the stage that you can find and speak to for extra information on the story. Thirty-two of the forty missions will have a Special Character you can talk to in it, but don't expect much of a reward for finding all of them. While you will get the achievement 'People Person' for finding and speaking to every Special Character, you won't receive any cosmetic items, and your efforts won't count towards the total mission progress.

What Doing Everything Unlocks

So, what does doing every challenge, gathering every Gold Tooth, and obtaining an S Rank on every mission do anyways? Is it only for cosmetics? For the most part, yes. However, getting 100 percent on a mission will reward you with a Cheat that you can use on other completed missions. Some Cheats will even grant you Bonus Points when using them, allowing you to earn more score when completing missions, making it easier to obtain S Ranks.

There are forty Cheats total in the game ranging from a Big Head Mode to granting you unlimited Focus and much more. If you are struggling to obtain an S Rank on some missions, Cheats may be what you need to gather the extra score required to achieve it, which will unlock even more Cheats if you do all challenges for the mission.

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