Microsoft Flight Simulator has turned Buckingham Palace into an office block

The AI-generated landscapes of Microsoft Flight Simulator aren’t quite as realistic as they seem, especially when it comes to landmarks.

The recent release of Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC has brought with it some of the most realistic visuals ever seen in a home simulation, but recreating the entire world is not an easy task and it doesn’t always get things right.

Most of the landscapes and buildings have to be automatically generated by special algorithms that try to interpret satellite data and other information to guess at what they look like in real life.

That’s fine for ordinary skyscrapers and other buildings, but, as discovered by fans on Reddit, when you get to more iconic structures problems start to occur… like reimagining Buckingham Palace as a sprawling office block.

Developer Sublogic and its other collaborators have gone in and manually created some London landmarks, such as The Shard and O2 Arena, but their decision as to what does or doesn’t deserve the personal touch seems a bit random. Unless they’re secret anti-monarchists and were trying to make a point.

That’s unlikely though as generic-looking office block seems to be the default option for any large building in the game, with unique objects such as the Statue of Unity in India – the largest statute in the world – coming out completely wrong.

Other areas look amazing though, with many fans taking screenshots to compare with real-world images, such as this shot of the Florence skyline.

Now that the game’s been released fans will quickly started to manually update the landmarks and within a few weeks most of the more obvious mistakes will have been removed.

Considering how good it looks now it’s going to be fascinating to see what Microsoft Flight Simulator’s world looks like by this time last year, as fan-made mods are the lifeblood for any simulation and end up making them far more realistic than when they started out.

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