Metroid Dread | New Gameplay Today Live

Metroid Dread is just around the corner. With developer MercurySteam’s latest entry in the series comes one of the best versions of the classic platforming/exploring experiences in the long-running franchise. To celebrate such an occasion, we’re sharing the fun with you and checking out the game live exclusively on our Twitch page!

Join Ben Reeves and Alex Stadnik as they ascend through Planet ZDR in the hopes of freeing Samus from this terrifying alien prison. We’ll be going live at noon CT, so be sure to join us in the chat to get your burning questions answered by the game’s reviewer! We’re limited to only showing 30 minutes of gameplay, so today’s stream will be a very brief affair.

The hype behind Samus’ return is genuine, according to our own Mr. Reeves:

The Metroid series is largely defined by its haunting atmosphere and ominous tone. Inspired by the Alien film franchise and the works of H.R. Giger, Metroid has always been only a few steps removed from the horror genre. Metroid Dread inches the series even closer. The moment Samus sets foot on Planet ZDR, she becomes prey. Every deadly creature – and machine – in the world is hungry for Samus’ blood, and she is trapped miles below the planet’s surface, far from her ship. And, the only way out is through the barrel of her arm cannon. While Samus’ latest adventure delivers the classic exploration-based platforming/action we’ve come to expect, I never shook the all-encompassing anxiety that gives this adventure its name … and I loved every minute of it.

Fans excited for the return of Metroid don’t have long to wait as Dread is launching on October 8 exclusively on Switch! In the meantime, be sure to check out the video version of the review and our review of the shiny new Nintendo Switch OLED!

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