News launches data platform for PC and Android apps announced today that it is launching Medal Trends, an analytics platform that collects data from its PC and Android apps. records and shares short clips from people’s games, making it easier to show off highlights and other moments. Medal Trends will use player behavior to collect data, which can give an idea of which games are the most popular among its users. And since is all about highlights, it can stand out from other data platforms by being able to show which games get clipped the most often.

“Our initial thinking behind Trends wasn’t to build an analytics business, it was to help content creators who use Medal to make better investments in the games they commit to,” CEO Pim de Witte told GamesBeat. “We wanted to be able to tell creators, ‘Hey, we recommend building a following in this game, as it’s likely to stick around for a while.’ It really bothered us that we would see games that didn’t trend well on our platform get hyped up on Twitch and YouTube with marketing dollars, only to make creators enter a state of fear-of-missing-out and take unnecessary risks with their audiences. We saw this happen on Medal, and we saw it happening on other platforms, and that’s why we initially built Trends, to help creators take more informed risks.”

Medal notes that Trends could benefit content creators and other industry professionals. And since this service is free, even regular players can take advantage of it.

“Long-term we even believe players will make decisions on what they play next based on how a community is trending, because as somebody who has played games their whole life, nothing is more frustrating than investing hundreds of hours in a game where the community eventually dies down and whithers away,” Pim de Witte told GamesBeat. “Services like this have historically been inaccessible to the public or expensive. We think that putting Medal Trends out there for free is the right thing to do, but also as a company, we have an incentive to help make the content creators who use Medal more effective at growing their audiences.”

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