Medal of Honor Makes Steam's Top-Sellers For December

The Facebook-published Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond fought its way onto Steam’s top-selling releases list for December 2020.

Valve’s monthly list of top releases recognizes the 20 games that generated the most revenue in their first two weeks after release, listed in no particular order. Medal of Honor, which can be played on almost any PC VR headset via SteamVR, sits alongside other huge non-VR releases like Cyberpunk 2077 and Dragon Quest XI. Also up there is Project Wingman, the flight combat simulator with optional VR support.

Developed by Titanfall Studio Respawn Entertainment, Medal of Honor made headlines as a big-budget PC VR title that was originally billed as an Oculus Rift exclusive. But, closer towards release, Facebook revealed the game would be coming to Valve’s platform too.

We thought the game was good, peppered with big setpiece moments and great multiplayer. But it also suffered from inconsistent pacing. “Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond can be both frustrating and captivating at the exact same time, but underneath it all is a fun and engaging VR shooter that nails several facets of being a successful AAA game,” we said in our 3/5 review. “It’s not quite enough to solidify the experience as a must-play, but there are plenty of bright spots.”

It’s impressive to see the game ranking on Steam’s December top sellers considering the VR headset requirement, which limits how many people can play. The game currently has just under 1,000 user reviews on Steam, with an average rating of ‘Mixed’.

Since launch, the game has seen several patches improving quality. Facebook also says it’s going to try and bring the title to Quest, but isn’t make any promises just yet.

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