Master Chief from Halo is available in Fortnite now, The Walking Dead next week

Halo and God Of War now both have their main characters as skins in Fornite, but will Nintendo be following suit with Metroid’s Samus Aran?

It’s only taken a few days for the idea of Master Chief in Fortnite to go from being an unlikely sounding rumour to confirmed fact – and now he’s available for everyone to download from today.

The Chief’s skin is available on all formats, including PlayStation and Switch, just as Kratos from God Of War is also available on Xbox and Switch.

The question now is whether Epic Games has convinced Nintendo to complete the set and offer up a character of their own. That’s not the sort of thing they usually do but who knows, especially as Samus Aran seems the most obvious pick and Metroid Prime 4 is coming up soon(-ish).

In an inverse of the situation with Kratos, you’ll get an exclusive armour set for the Master Chief if you play the game on Xbox Series X but otherwise all the Halo content will be available on all formats.

That includes a UNSC Pelican glider (as in the dropship, not the bird), a gravity hammer pickaxe, and an emote that involves driving around in a miniature Warthog.

That’s not all though, as there’ll also be a recreation of fan favourite map Blood Gulch in Creative mode, where you’ll be able to play Capture the Flag.

Long-running web series Red vs. Blue was also in the reveal trailer although we’re not clear if they’re involved with any of the in-game content.

The Master Chief is paid-for DLC and costs 1,500 V-Buck (around £9) or 2,600 V-Bucks (around £15) with all his gear.

Halo wasn’t the only cross-franchise promotion announced at The Game Awards, with Daryl and Michonne from The Walking Dead also set to appear on December 16.

All these licensed characters are portrayed as ‘hunters’ that Agent Jones is recruiting from throughout the multiverse, with the first being the Mandalorian.

How many more they’ll be is unclear but there are already references to the movie Predator in the game, so that seems a good bet even if Samus Aran is a no-show.

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