Mass Effect Andromeda: The 10 Best Builds

The galaxy in Mass Effect: Andromeda can sound like a cakewalk. Unlike previous Mass Effect games, you are permitted much more flexibility over your character’s skill choices. So even a combat-heavy shotgunner can grab a few tech skills to help whittle enemies down. With that kind of freedom, an amateur will walk into the game thinking that the build is secondary.

That’s going to lead to a painful lesson on your first run. On all the difficulty settings besides “narrative,” enemies are tough and those who try to grab a little bit of everything will end up feeling like a whole lot of nothing. The game permits several strategies to use, and players can excel at some builds that don’t even make the community’s top picks. But the builds must be strategically thought out and well-executed for Ryder to confidently survive against a variety of challenging villains.

Guns Blazing

  • Profile: Soldier
  • Active Abilities: Turbocharge, Concussive Shot, Flak Cannon
  • Passive Abilities: Assault Rifles, Combat Fitness
  • Ideal Weapon: Soned
  • Ideal Armor: Maverick Deadeye

Trying to blaze through the game as fast as possible? This is the build for you, it’s focused entirely on offensive capabilities. You might need to find some cover during the more intense moments, but weapons are useful all of the time, so investing entirely in your Soned minigun is more than justified.


  • Profile: Soldier
  • Active Abilities: Concussive Shot, Barricade, Trip Mine
  • Passive Abilities: Sniper Rifles, Combat Fitness
  • Ideal Weapon: Kishock Harpoon Gun
  • Ideal Armor: Maverick Deadeye

One shot, one kill. With the highest single bullet damage in the game, the Kishock Harpoon Gun will reduce most enemies to particles, especially with a headshot. Knocking foes over with a Concussive Shot means you’ll always be able to get at least one freebie shot while your target is belly-up.

Biotic God

  • Profile: Adept
  • Active Abilities: Pull, Throw, Singularity
  • Passive Abilities: Barrier, Offensive Biotics, Containment
  • Ideal Weapon: Silhesh
  • Ideal Armor: N7

The environment is your best friend and if you like the concept of tossing a baddie off a cliff or into magma, you’ll love this. Even when you’re not shifting enemies toward their ultimate demise, you will keep them permanently disabled so your squadmates can do the dirty work. You’ll also be about impossible to kill as even enemies immune to your damage will be staggered by your singularity down hallways.

Biotic Death

  • Profile: Adept
  • Active Abilities: Shockwave, Lance, Annihilation
  • Passive Abilities: Barrier, Offensive Biotics, Containment
  • Ideal Weapon: Carnifex
  • Ideal Armor: N7

Not all damage comes from the barrel of a gun. Biotics can do repulsive amounts of damage and send foes flying at the same time. It’s especially useful against large waves of enemies since all active abilities are area of effect. If you rotate your moves correctly, even bosses that try to shrug off biotics will be whittled down before they can compose themselves properly.

Robotic Doom

  • Profile: Engineer
  • Active Abilities: Assault Turret, Remnant VI
  • Passive Abilities: Offensive Tech, Auxiliary Systems
  • Ideal Weapon: Silhesh
  • Ideal Armor: Angaran Commando

Let your gadgets do the hard work as you simply worry about staying behind cover and getting the best angle to help out. Even on harder difficulties where the enemies kill off your robot friends, each toss buys you enough time to get plenty of potshots in. This build really shines when times are tough and ammunition is in short supply.


  • Profile: Engineer
  • Active Abilities: Invasion, Overload, Incinerate
  • Passive Abilities: Offensive Tech, Auxiliary Systems
  • Ideal Weapon: Carnifex
  • Ideal Armor: Angaran Commando

The advantage of this build is that no enemy is safe. It’s got something to take down biotic barriers, armor, and shields, effectively removing the only three defensive bars your enemies might have. Feel free to experiment with whatever lightweight gun that you’d like, or you can forego guns entirely and keep using abilities to finish off the final health bar.

Asari Commando

  • Profile: Vanguard
  • Active Abilities: Backlash, Pull, Charge
  • Passive Abilities: Shotguns, Combat Tools, Offensive Biotics
  • Ideal Weapon: Asari Sword
  • Ideal Armor: HyperGuardian

With the Asari Sword, you’ll be invincible, invisible, and teleporting toward targets so often that your enemies won’t be able to damage you. Top that off with the fact that the sword can’t be dodged and the skills that boost melee damage, and you’re looking at a nice and easy journey to the end of the game.

Krogan Warrior

  • Profile: Vanguard
  • Active Abilities: Backlash, Charge, Flak Cannon
  • Passive Abilities: Shotguns, Barrier, Backlash
  • Ideal Weapon: Shorty
  • Ideal Armor: HyperGuardian

The Krogan once terrorized the galaxy and Ryder can do the same by mastering their techniques. By using biotics to bolster your close-range shotgun, you’ll be in the thick of the fight and sending opponents flying away. It’s not as offensive as it sounds, you’ll be doing plenty of tanking between your barrier and the backlash. If things really get bad, charge out of there, get into cover, and reload for your next wave of shotgun blasts.


  • Profile: Explorer
  • Active Abilities: Barricade, Energy Drain, Backlash
  • Passive Abilities: Combat Finesse, Team Support, Barrier
  • Ideal Weapon: N7 Valkyrie
  • Ideal Armor: Pathfinder Vigilant

By focusing on defensive abilities almost exclusively, you will outlive any dangerous situation that the game throws at you. There is really no weakness to this build so long as you find a weapon and a squad that works best for you since those will be your only sources of dishing out damage.

Run And Hide

  • Profile: Infiltrator
  • Active Abilities: Tactical Cloak, Trip Mine, Assault Turret
  • Passive Abilities: Offensive Tech, Auxiliary Systems
  • Ideal Weapon: Carnifex
  • Ideal Armor: Remnant Reborn

It doesn’t sound very exciting to run away, but on the hardest settings, you really won’t have a choice. Enemies will be flooding from everywhere. Thankfully, if you know your way around the map, you can keep running forever and have enemies gradually kill themselves on the gadgets that you leave behind.

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