Mass Effect 2: Should You Rewrite Or Destroy The Geth Heretics?

The Mass Effect series is filled with tough decisions that the game forces you to make. The RPG series even has you decide the fate of some of the alien races you come to know and love. A major decision that the game has you make is whether to rewrite or destroy the geth heretics.

The decision occurs at the end of Legion’s loyalty mission in the second game and has some major ramifications for Mass Effect 3. It can certainly cause some conflicting thoughts, so here is everything you need to know about it and whether or not you should make one decision over the other.

Legion’s Loyalty Mission

It’s important to note that this decision is only open to you if you have Legion as a party member, meaning you can’t sell Legion to Cerberus. You’ll have to talk to Legion once the quest opens up, your journal will notify you and so will Kelly.

He will tell you that the geth heretics, geth that worship the Reapers and the ones Shepard fought in the first game, are planning to introduce a virus into the geth that will make all of them side with the Reapers. After this head to the galaxy map and plot a course to the heretic station.

The Heretic Station

Seeing as how you will be fighting geth in this mission, it is best to bring tech-based characters with you. Good ones for this are Tali, Garrus, Miranda, and Kasumi.

Once you arrive, Legion will tell you that on top of destroying the heretics, it is also possible to rewrite the heretics into abandoning the Reapers. He will try to form a consensus about what to do as the mission progresses.

Navigating the station is straightforward and you will be given additional insight into how geth society works. Most of the combat is close quarters so be sure to stick with that.

The Room With The Terminal

At the end, you will find a large room with a terminal that needs to be hacked in order to stop the heretics. You will be required to hold out around the terminal until then.

Thankfully you got a good vantage point as you look down over a room where hostile geth will make their entry and turrets can be hacked for additional defense. Note that the turrets can only be hacked once since they will self-destruct after a little bit, so use them sparingly.

Should You Rewrite Or Destroy The Geth Heretics?

Once enough enemy waves are defeated it will be time to make a decision. Legion will let you decide since he is unable to come to a consensus about what to do and leaves the fate of his people in your hands.

You can either destroy a good portion of the geth, which is like killing a bunch of Legions in a way, or you can rewrite them to convince them that worshipping the Reapers is bad but are taking away their free will in a way.

The Consequences Of Both Geth Heretic Decisions

Rewriting the heretics will give you paragon points whereas destroying them will give you more renegade points.

Regardless of the choice made, you’ll have to make a desperate escape from the station on a timer. There are some geth troopers and a geth prime to deal with along the way.

Once you are done, and provided you also did Tali’s loyalty mission, you will have to resolve an argument between the two in which your decision is a key point of the argument.

The argument can be resolved without taking a side, provided you have enough paragon or renegade points. The majority of the consequences of your decision won’t manifest until Mass Effect 3.

The Effects Of Your Decision In Mass Effect 3

The war to retake Rannoch still happens regardless of your choice, since the geth still side with the Reapers in order to survive.

Once Legion is saved, he will explain how it was tough for the geth to accept aid from the Reapers due to the quarians attacking first and lament how they accidentally gave the Reapers more geth to use as fodder.

The decision also plays a major role in brokering peace between the geth and quarians. Destroying them will help pave the way for peace but is not mandatory.

The big consequence though is that it will affect the number of geth and quarian war assets you have available.

Rewriting the heretics will give you more geth assets than quarian ones since the latter suffered major losses in fighting the geth while destroying the heretics will have the opposite effect.

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