Mass Effect 2: How To Complete Tali’s Loyalty Mission

Tali’s loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2, Treason, sees Commander Shepard’s quarian squadmate tasked with returning to the Migrant Fleet in order to stand trial in front of the Admiralty Board.

In order to gain Tali’s loyalty and make sure that she survives the suicide mission, you will need to travel to the Migrant Fleet and defend Tali. This may sound simple at first, but there’s a lot more to this quest than meets the eye.

If you want to make Tali loyal and ensure that she reappears in Mass Effect 3, look no further than our detailed Mass Effect 2 Tali loyalty mission guide, which includes information on where to find Tali’s father, how to beat the geth, and which dialogue options to choose during the trial.

Mass Effect 2: How To Start Tali’s Loyalty Mission

Tali’s loyalty mission will automatically unlock after she has been on the Normandy for several missions. It’s worth noting that the first time you meet Tali in Mass Effect 2, when she is researching Haestrom with Kal’Reegar. she will not join your squad. Instead, you need to complete main missions until The Illusive Man gives you Dossier: Tali.

Once you have her Dossier, do Tali’s acquisition mission. After three or four missions, Kelly Chambers should tell you that Tali wants to talk to you. She is located on deck four, engineering, and stands by the console to the left of Engineers Daniels and Donnelly. After you talk to her, she will tell you that she has been accused of treason by the Migrant Fleet.

Mass Effect 2: How To Complete Tali’s Loyalty Mission

The first thing to note about Tali’s loyalty mission is that like every other quest in the game, it should be completed before acquiring the Reaper IFF. This is the part of Mass Effect 2 that sets the endgame in motion, meaning that all loyalty missions should be completed before it – except for Legion’s, obviously, as you don’t encounter it until you actually go to acquire the Reaper IFF.

If you’re wondering about bringing Legion, so, my suggestion would be no. Not only is it an active geth – a bit ironic considering that Tali has been accused of sending active geth units to the fleet – but you should not be doing the acquire Reaper IFF mission yet in the first place.

Aside from those two preparatory measures, you should also make sure you have high Paragon or Renegade, as there are speech checks to pass if you want to save Tali from being exiled. Once you arrive at the fleet, you will be brought aboard by Captain Kar’Danna. He will escort you to the garden plaza, where you will meet Admiral Raan, who Tali greets as her aunt. As Tali’s captain, you need to defend her during the trial – if you came prepared with high Paragon or Renegade, you will have special dialogue options. Eventually, the Admirals will say that Tali’s father is missing on a ship called the Alarei, which has been overrun by geth. In order to search for him and prove Tali’s innocence, Shepard and Tali must go to the ship and take it back.

Before leaving for the Alarei, you can talk to all of the Admirals, as well as Veetor and Kal’Reegar depending on your actions during the first and second instances you meet Tali in Mass Effect 2. Once you’re ready to go, head through the ship and out towards the Alarei. If you’re unsure where to go, simply use the objective tracker by bringing up the minimap and looking at the arrow.

The Alarei itself is quite linear, mainly calling for you to advance through combat arenas in a straight line. Each area will have one or several waves of geth, most of which are standard troopers. The hunters are much more aggressive, so be sure to take down those and the rocket troopers first – ordinary troopers barely pack a punch and can be safely left until last, especially on higher difficulties. Make sure to loot each room before pressing on for credits, medi-gel, schematics, and information about Tali’s father, all of which should be easily located based on Mass Effect 2’s registration of interactable objects from a relatively long distance. If the fights become tough, remember that Tali’s kit is largely geared towards incapacitating synthetic enemies, so bring up the combat wheel and use her abilities on the more deadly geth units.

After you go through the chemistry labs, which is towards the end of the ship and one of the more difficult battles due to the environment, you will find Rael’Zorah’s dead body. Tali is obviously upset here, which gives you a Paragon interrupt prompt or the option to just say keep moving. The final battle on the Alarei is in the next room and includes a Geth Prime, which shouldn’t be too much trouble if you’re patient and use Tali’s tech abilities well. Once you’ve taken down the enemies, you can collect evidence from a console that proves Rael’Zorah was guilty but Tali was not.

After this you will immediately go back to the Rayya, where the Admirals have declared Tali dead. Upon arrival, you can choose to use a Paragon dialogue check to absolve Tali of guilt. This is the best option as it earns Tali’s loyalty while simultaneously proving her not guilty. To accomplish this you obviously need high Paragon. You can also unlock dialogue checks by speaking to the Admirals, Kal’Reegar, and Veetor – if he was not handed to Cerberus – before leaving for the Alarei. Conversely, if you hand over the evidence proving Tali’s father’s guilt, she will not be loyal. This is the worst option.

When you get back on the ship, you can speak to Tali about what happened for additional morality points. This will also unlock the conditions for starting Tali’s romance. If you have also completed Legion’s loyalty mission, the confrontation between Tali and Legion will kick off back on the Normandy, but as mentioned in this guide, you should ideally not even have Legion yet if you’re trying for a perfect suicide mission where no one dies.

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