Masahiro Sakurai Is An Among Us Fan, But He Wonders If The Game Could Be A Fad

How long will Among Us continue to be a phenomenon? Nobody has the answer to that, not even Super Smash Bros. guru Masahiro Sakurai. Like the rest of us, though, he’s enjoying the title.

Generally, of course, Sakurai tends to speak to the industry on one subject: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The game’s tireless director has presented several DLC fighter analysis videos, both from his office and, during these pandemic-ravaged times, from his own home (while sitting on his now-iconic sofa). Being as passionate as he is about all things Smash, it’s no wonder that he’s proven to be opinionated on the subject on occasion (yes, he agrees that Fire Emblem representation has gotten out of hand in the Smash series).

Still, Sakurai’s gaming life doesn’t solely revolve around Smash. Recently, he detailed his pre-launch hype for Cyberpunk 2077, calling it a “dream game” and lamenting the launch debacle that followed in its wake. Now, he’s turned his attention to another major game that’s been in his orbit: social sensation Among Us.

As Nintendo Life reports, a large section of Sakurai’s latest Famitsu column discusses his feelings on the game. Kody NOKOLO at Source Gaming has translated the piece, and it provides some interesting insights from the industry veteran. Among other things, Sakurai isn’t afraid to be as tricky as possible when playing an Imposter (just like everybody else), though he’s wary of endangering his duplicitous ally in the process. The game offers a lot of fun in terms of interaction with fellow players and can be very tense, he goes on, but the mechanics themselves are rather simple.

The issue, he concludes, is that the community is key. Experienced players in lobbies together, with an in-depth knowledge of each others’ strategies and preferences, is peak Among Us. This isn’t always possible, though, and can be tough to maintain. If players start to fall away, as with any other hit title, there may well be less impetus for others to continue.

Though the game was first released back in June 2018, it’s enjoyed a tremendous surge in popularity lately. Its spirit of togetherness and cooperation laced with awful treachery just captured the zeitgeist, but how long will it continue to do so? As Sakurai writes, it’s hard to say.

Kody NOKOLO’s translation can be explored in more depth in the brief video below:

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