Marvel’s Avengers v1.3.0 Patch Notes

Marvel’s Avengers didn’t get off to the greatest start when it launched. The concept was solid, but the game needed a lot of additional polishing after it had already hit the shelves. Luckily, the patch notes for Marvel’s Avengers v1.3.0 claim to have addressed over 1,000 reported issues.

The beta for the game raised a lot of initial concern that the game would be shipping with known bugs. It turns out that there were enough issues that Crystal Dynamics set up a dedicated Reddit thread to report bugs. Those bugs ranged from relatively minor—albeit horrifying—graphical glitches to nearly game-breaking experiences on the PS4.

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Square Enix released the first batch of patch notes just a few days ago that addressed more than 1,000 issues, largely focused on core gameplay bugs. They claim that future patches will contain quality-of-life improvements and fine-tuning of the features of the game. The game’s campaign saw a lot of patches, including the elimination of an infinite loading screen; an issue that teleported you out of the world when attacking the boss in “To Stand Alone”; and an issue where players would fall out of bounds.

Multiplayer was fixed as well, to ensure that you wouldn’t get booted due to back-end adjustments and that the overall experience runs as intended. Art and animation fixes were included also, so you will no longer be able to see outside of the map or laugh at the various ragdoll issues. Combat issues and fixes were extensive, so the core gameplay should be much more enjoyable and function the way that it should. Dozens of user interface issues have also been addressed so everything should function correctly as well.

It’s impractical to list all of the issues that were fixed here, but the patch notes page itself lists dozens of fixes to specific core aspects of the game. Suffice it to say, the game should be at a point where most of you won’t see a major bug while you’re saving the world. It’s unfortunate that the game was shipped with more than 1,000 issues, but at least they’ve been fixed.

Avengers could, eventually, be the gold standard of hero games now that it’s more consistently playable. Time will tell if future patches can polish the game to a point where the majority of players don’t experience any major issues.

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