Marvel’s Avengers Has Matchmaking Issues On PC Because Barely Anyone Is Playing

Things aren’t going as planned for Marvel’s Avengers. Crystal Dynamics’ latest title released to mixed reviews, and its outlook hasn’t improved in the weeks since launch. Its latest issue is the result of an extremely low player count, as PC users are reporting increasingly long matchmaking times when trying to play online.

Avengers’ population on Steam continues to dwindle, with barely 1,000 players active at any given time. Not only is that a small pool to draw from during matchmaking, but the game demands that each player in a squad is running a different character – further exacerbating the problem. It also doesn’t help that Avengers was built around co-op play, meaning most of the high-level content is all but unplayable by yourself. In fact, some players claimed they’ve had to wait for nearly 30 minutes before finding an appropriate group.

The issue doesn’t seem to be much better on PS4, which Forbes is reporting has a similar problem. Despite it being the largest platform for Marvel’s Avengers, “it’s rare to get a full team of four, and usually one or two players ends up being an AI fill-in.”

Crystal Dynamics is doing what it can to remedy the issue, delaying several updates and instead focusing on how to fix its dwindling player base. A new playable character, Kate Bishop, is planned to drop later this month, but we’re not sure if that will fix the problem – regardless of game, whenever a new player arrives everyone wants to try them out. That means there could be hundreds of Kate Bishop’s queuing for an online match, none of which would be able to team up with each other due to the requirement that squads be composed of unique characters.

Outside of the matchmaking issues, Marvel’s Avengers still needs to tighten up its endgame content. A lack of meaningful loot and annoying glitches means that the trouble doesn’t end for players once they’ve found a suitable crew. There’s no doubt that it has the bones of an excellent game, but Crystal Dynamics needs to communicate what is being done to fix all the issues before players move on to greener pastures.

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