Marvel Fans Have Been Visiting Fortnite’s New Black Panther Statue In Memory Of Chadwick Boseman

Fortnite’s Panther’s Prowl POI is live and it includes a Black Panther statue for players to visit and pay their respects to Chadwick Boseman.

In the movie world, Marvel has fallen off the radar somewhat. Well, as much as a franchise as big as that can fall off of the radar. The MCU went on a short break following the culmination of its third phase. However, that break has been extended due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As for the video game world, it feels as if Marvel is just about everywhere you look.

Marvel’s Avengers hit multiple platforms later this week and its month-long beta has been stealing all sorts of headlines. On top of that, Epic has upped its relationship with Marvel and made the fourth season of Fortnite Marvel-themed. Iron Man has already entered the fray and other heroes will join him as supervillain Galactus inches ever closer to the island.

Data miners discovered that one of the other Marvel heroes coming to Fortnite could be Black Panther, hinted at via his very own POI. Since then, Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman has passed at the age of just 43, shocking the world last weekend as news of his death started to spread. As for his hero’s part in Fortnite, that was quietly added last night, and it’s a fitting tribute to Boseman.

A majestic Black Panther statue has appeared in-game and has been named Panther’s Prowl. Fortnite-playing Marvel fans have already been visiting the statue to virtually pay their respects to Boseman. A spokesperson from Epic has confirmed that the statue was planned prior to Boseman’s passing, but that doesn’t make it any less of a special addition to the map, and a great way for players to remember the MCU actor.

Players who want to visit the statue can do so by firing up Fortnite right now. It can be found just to the left of Misty Meadows. It might not be the only Black Panther-themed item added to Fortnite this season either. If other details unearthed in Fortnite’s code are anything to go by, then a Black Panther skin along with related powers is also on the way.

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