Mario Kart Tour Introduces A Rudolph-Themed Yoshi In The Holiday Tour

Mario Kart Tour‘s Holiday Tour has officially landed, and it’s brought a fun Rudolph-themed Yoshi along with it.

When Mario Kart Tour was first released earlier this year, the game was heavily criticized for being rooted in gacha rates and microtransactions. As that criticism has fallen away and more content has been added to Tour, its success has continued to grow. The game was played by more people than have played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe within a few days, and it has gone on to become the most downloaded iPhone game of 2019.

What many players might not have realized, though, is how dedicated Nintendo would be to the game’s updates. Every two weeks since Tour was released, a new tour has been unveiled featuring new tracks, characters, and karts. This week is no different, with the Holiday Tour landing in-game this past Wednesday.

Since the Holiday Tour will encompass Christmas Day, and presumably come to an end on New Year’s Eve, Tour is feeling very Christmas-y right now. Our favorite addition to the game is Rudolph Yoshi. Yeah, he might just be regular old Yoshi with a red nose, antlers, and a bell around his neck, but we like it. You can even pop him in a sleigh-themed kart if you want to feel extra festive.

Watch the trailer above and you’ll likely pick up on a host of other additions to the game for the Holiday Tour. Pauline, a Turbo Birdo kart, and 2020 gliders which are perfect for ringing in the new year. There’s also a rumor that Tour‘s multiplayer beta will land in-game on Christmas Day. That has not yet been confirmed, but dataminers found signs that point to that date in Tour‘s code.

That means not only will you be able to play with friends come Christmas Day, if the dataminers are indeed correct, but if you grind enough between now and then, you’ll have a bunch of festive karts and characters to rub in their faces. Isn’t that really what Christmas is all about?

The Holiday Tour is available now and will run for two weeks until New Year’s Eve.

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