Mario Kart 8’s Coconut Mall Replaces Miis With Shy Guys

Mario Kart 8's version of Coconut Mall has replaced the Shy Guys with Miis and players aren't happy.

This week saw the release of the first cup in the Mario Kart 8 Booster Course Pass, adding into the game Coconut Mall, Sky Garden, Paris Promenade, and Ninja Hideaway. The response to these tracks has been pretty positive overall, although some aren't happy with the changes to Coconut Mall.

We reported that some players weren't too impressed with how the map's escalators had been changed to glowing arrows on the floor to tell you which direction to go in, but there's a much bigger issue now – where are the Miis?

In the original Coconut Mall map on the Wii, player would run into three moving cars near the end of the track and each of them were driven by a Mii found on the player's console. These cars would spin out anyone who touched them and would move back and forth across that section of the map.

In Mario Kart 8, this has been completely changed. Instead of three cars, there are now two and instead of Miis, it's just Shy Guys driving the cars instead. The cars themselves also don't even move and will now act as more of a wall than a hazard, no longer spinning out drivers.

The removal of Miis in Coconut Mall quickly went viral on Twitter after players discovered the changes that had been made. The reaction to the change has seen some mixed reception, with some thinking that it makes the course more challenging and others mourning being hit by digital recreations of famous American presidents.

It's far from the first time that Nintendo has removed Miis from its games. The recently-revealed Nintendo Switch Sports seems to do away with them entirely in favour of much more realistic looking avatars. References have been found in the files for the same Mii names that were used in Wii Sports Resort, but it's likely just to draw data from.

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