Mario Golf: Super Rush – XC Cross Country Golf Guide

Mario Golf: Super Rush has a few brand new modes for players to enjoy, and while we’ve already gone over Speed Golf in detail, the new XC Golf – also known as Cross Country Golf – adds a completely new dynamic to how the game plays out.

XC Golf can be difficult to adjust to, and the game, by default, might point you towards the holes in the wrong order, to be frank. If you want to complete XC Golf without struggling, you need to know where to aim well in advance, and it might not line up with what the game suggests.

In this guide we’re breaking down the rules of XC Golf, and how you can navigate around them in order to win. If you just swing away where the game suggests without thinking it through, you’re unfortunately very likely to fail. With these tips, you’re assured to win.

Cross Country/XC Golf Explained

XC Golf has you teeing off from each hole after you’ve sunk your ball, meaning instead of just getting to one Green, you’ll be navigating to nine. You have a limited number of shots in order to sink all nine holes, but luckily a well-aimed shot will be able to take you to each Green pretty efficiently, as long as you line things up just right.

You’ll have to use the wind to your advantage, and tornadoes too, in order to get around efficiently.

Pick Your Own Hole

By default, the game will aim you straight towards a hole – and this might be your biggest mistake. In many XC courses, there will be holes to work towards that are located behind you. Take a look at the overhead map with X, and then check to see if there are any holes closer to you, or unusually far away from other Greens. You should get these out of the way first, as they will cause the biggest problem.

Line-Up Shots For Tornadoes

When trying to navigate XC courses, you will inevitably have to climb some steep cliffs, and just launching your balls at the wall (filthy) will not deliver the results you’re looking for. Instead, you will need to aim your shots to go straight through tornadoes. There are multiple in each XC course which will be lined up next to cliffs, and a strong shot can launch your ball straight through the tornado, lifting it up into the air, and onto the cliff behind it. At least, that’s the hope.

You’ll need to get some pretty specific shots in order to utilise tornadoes effectively, so your first attempt should always be to line up the ideal shot – don’t just shoot through tornadoes expecting things to work out, because it doesn’t happen like that.

Destroy Your Enemies

Enemies, like Boldor, are roaming the fairway, and they can seriously mess up your shots. If your ball lands near them, use the Super Rush to destroy them. It’s worth the time penalty to ensure they don’t ruin your shots and waste one of them when they’re limited.

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