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Exploring the Ourang Medan in Man of Medan is about more than just finding a way off the ship. During your playthrough you can collect secrets to find out what is going on in the vessel and what happened to the crew, collect pictures that foretell what could happen to certain characters, and, naturally, unlock a whole bunch of trophies and achievements.

If you're looking forward to unlocking another Platinum trophy or getting those sweet 1,000G, below you will find the complete list of every achievement and trophy in Man of Medan.

Every Achievement And Trophy In Man Of Medan

Achievement/Trophy Name How To Unlock Guide
For a dollar, he told me his secrets. Find 25 Secrets While exploring, you will often see a white light flashing that you need to interact with to find a hidden secret. While there are 50 secrets in total, you will only need to find 25 to get this Achievement/Trophy.

Keep in mind that not every white light is a secret; some of them are just pictures.

Secrets! Lies! Conspiracies, man! Find all of the Secrets While exploring around, you will often see a white light flashing that you need to interact with to find a hidden secret. You must discover all 50 secrets to get this Achievement/Trophy.

As above, some white lights are just pictures, rather than secrets.

Learning to work together Finish the Shared Story Play an entire game in Shared Story mode.
Like that movie with the ship Finish Movie Night Play an entire game in Movie Night mode.
Karate Master Beat the Training Dummy Don't fail any quick time events (QTEs) while using the training dummy in the game's prologue.
As long as you're quick Complete 10 QTEs in succession Avoid hitting the wrong button for ten QTEs in a row.
Break 'em during the thunder Open the window without making a noise. After the group gets kidnapped, they break one of the ship's windows so Conrad can get out and escape on the speedboat. To unlock this achievement, break the window when Conrad says "Six".
Quite a lot of deaths that night Find all the black Framed Pictures. Pictures work similarly to secrets. Both are scattered throughout the game's chapters, and have a white light flashing when you walk by them. Find six pictures with black frames to get this achievement.
Possible futures Find all the white Framed Pictures. Find all six pictures with white frames to get this achievement.
Going it alone Finish the Solo Story Story-related trophy that can't be missed
Girls' night out Save only the women Make sure only Fliss and Julia survive during a single playthrough.
Right there with ya, boys Save only the men Make sure only Conrad, Brad, and Alex survive during a single playthrough.
Ghost ships are just a myth, right? Find all of the Pictures Find all 13 pictures scattered throughout the game. There are six white-framed pictures, six black-framed pictures, and one gold-framed picture.
Not a sole survivor Kill all Characters Make sure no one survives during a single playthrough.
That's something, I suppose Save everyone Make sure everyone survives during a single playthrough.
Big man on campus Unlock Alex's Aggressive Trait When playing as Alex, pick up the knife in the kitchen and do not give it to Conrad.
Aye, aye captain Unlock Fliss's Arrogant Trait Make sure that Fliss and Brad recognize each other and pick these dialogue options during the chapter "Pressure":

  • Worried: “You go”
  • Frightened: “I’m not doing it”
  • Expectant: “Go on with it”
Brother thing, you know Unlock Brad's Envious Trait When playing as Brad during the chapter "The Duke," select these dialogue options when talking to Alex:

  • Resentful
  • Accusatory
Remember who's signing the checks Unlock Julia's Spoilt Trait In the room where the pirates trap you after entering the Ourang Medan, walk around as Julia and move the desk. Alex will try and open the vent. Wait until he says, "Come take a look," and talk to him. Select the "Resentful" dialogue option to unlock this achievement.

NOTE: This achievement is only available in Shared Story or Curator mode.

If you're selling, I'm buying Unlock Conrad's Humorous Trait If Conrad didn't escape on the speedboat, choose the dialogue option "Confident – I think it’s an abandoned ship" during the chapter "Trapped."
Go with your gut Choose all of the Heart decisions Dialogue options in this game have either a brain or a heart symbol behind them. Choose only the ones that have a heart symbol to unlock this achievement.

NOTE: If there isn't a heart choice, let the timer run out.

Consider all the permutations Choose all of the Head decisions Choose only dialogue options that have a brain symbol in a single playthrough.

NOTE: If there isn't a head choice, let the timer run out.

Yes! Yes, I'll marry you! Accept Alex's proposal At the beginning of the game, when controlling Brad, choose "Sentimental – Go with your gut" when talking to Alex. Afterward, when Alex proposes to Julia, choose the "Astounded" and "Loving" dialogue options.
A pint of frosty amber liquid Successfully flirt with Fliss When controlling Fliss during the chapter "Uninvited Guests," choose the following dialogue options when Conrad talks to you:

  • Relaxed
  • Self Assured
  • Uninterested

After the cutscene is over, talk to Conrad and select these options:

  • Stern
  • Curious
  • Romantic
Can't catch him with this old junker Escape on the speedboat After breaking the window during the Intrusion chapter:

  • Don't fail the "Keep Calm" QTE
  • Choose to Escape.
  • Don't fail the QTE once Conrad is on the speedboat.
The name of this vessel Reveal the name of the ship This achievement requires you to do the following:

  • During the chapter "Danny," pick up the hat Danny knocks off.
  • During the chapter "Distress Signal," find the ship's logbook in the room with the stuck door. In that same chapter, discover the radio and choose the "Instructive" dialogue option.
  • During chapter "Depths," make sure Alex stays by the radio, and Brad and Julia go down the hole. While controlling Brad, find the generator to turn on the radio again. Afterward, Alex will say the name of the ship over the radio.
Lovebirds Maximize Alex and Julia's relationship
  • When playing as Brad, tell Alex to follow his heart.
  • When Alex proposes to Julia, say "Yes".
  • When playing as Alex, agree with Julia when she calls the Ourang Medan a "ghost ship".
  • While playing as Julia, she and Alex get attacked by Alex's clone. Tell Alex to let him go when he is drowning it.
You got a better way? Maximize Conrad and Fliss's relationship
  • Successfully flirt with Conrad when controlling Fliss for the first time.
  • Don't make Conrad escape on the speedboat.
  • When controlling Conrad the first time everyone enters the ship, select the following options: "Puzzled," "Approving," and "Curious". Then choose: "Anxious," "Distract," and "Replace".
  • When the group hides from the pirates, Fliss will notice the distributor cap. During this scene, select the "Self-assured" dialogue when controlling Conrad.
Medium bro Maximize Brad's and Alex's relationship
  • During the chapter "The Duke," choose the following options when playing as Brad: "Resentful – I had to work," "Uneasy – Not good with people," "Empathetic- Must be tough," "Sentimental – Go with your gut," and then deny the beer.
  • During the chapter "Wreck," choose the following options when playing as Alex: "Impressed – Wasn't sure we would," "Enthusiastic – Get you something cool," and "Compassionate – Go through it all together".
  • During the chapter "Intrusion," make sure that Conrad dies or scapes on the speedboat.
  • During the chapter "Storm," choose the dialogue "Anxious – He might drown" when playing as Fliss.
  • During the chapter "An Escape," choose the following options when playing as Alex: "Dubious – We need to be careful," and "Warn Brad".

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