Majora’s Mask: 10 Best Masks In The Game

The Legend of Zelda, if you'll forgive the pun, is a legendary series. Majora's Mask is one of the stand-out entries and with good reason. It sets a tone entirely unlike any other Zelda game, with an atmosphere of mystique and surrealism. Everyone still acts normal, even with the moon literally staring them down from the sky.

One of the most defining elements are the many masks in the game. Some of them have a single use and are used to complete a certain sidequest or get to another area. However, just as many are multi-purpose, opening the way to unique gameplay scenarios.

10 Postman's Hat

A constant presence in Clock Town is the speedy Postman, running from house to house delivering letter after letter. Even with the moon ready to crush Termina, he never fails in his duty. But with careful planning and a series of interconnected quests, the postman can be allowed to flee Clock Town, giving you his hat as a memento.

Now logically, you might assume the Postman's Hat gives you his same running speed, but that's not the case. Instead, it actually lets you open the various postboxes around Clock Town, giving you a piece of heart on your first postbox and rupees thereafter. It has a pretty limited use, but can be a healthy way to fill up your purse if you're running low.

9 Bunny Hood

Also featured in Ocarina of Time, the Bunny Hood is once again acquirable in Majora's Mask and features a dramatically improved effect to boot, even if getting it is a bit tricky. You need another mask to complete a side quest, but then need another mask to get into that area on an earlier day.

The new effect, however, is a doubled run speed for Link, and doubled jump distance as a result. Increased run speed is always a benefit, but Majora's Mask is a game all about time management, so having a mask that lets you get around in half the time is a massive help, fundamentally letting you complete tasks with a bit more freedom.

8 Mask Of Truth

Another mask that was also featured in Ocarina of Time, the Mask of Truth returns with a similar base effect and some added ones on top. Its acquisition is a bit simpler than other quests, just requiring the collection of all 30 gold Skulltula spirits.

Its effect is, however, quite potent. Scattered around the world are various gossip stones, basically hints, that can only be read with the Mask of Truth. In Majora's Mask, they also let you read the minds of animals for further hints, such as increasing your chances of winning at the racetrack. And in the 3DS remake, it also shows the location of hidden chests.

7 Stone Mask

The stone mask is a funny one. It is, quite simply, a giant stone with facial features carved into it that Link wears on his head. Is it just made to look like a rock, or is it actually a carved-out rock? Weird, but that doesn't matter when it works as well as it does. Given to you by a forgotten guard in exchange for a potion, the Stone Mask is instantly useful.

See, the guard who gave you the mask complained about being so forgettable, and so the mask itself makes most enemies just ignore you. Basically, every common enemy ignores Link while wearing the mask, letting him bypass most enemies and get through areas with ease. Again, in a time-based game like this, the effect can't be overstated.

6 Blast Mask

The blast mask, simply put, is a blast to use. It is just a bomb Link wears on his head with a giant skull on it, just to send the right message. Plus, it's easy to get! On the first night, an old woman gets robbed. Simply catch the thief and boom, she rewards you with the Blast Mask.

The effect of the Blast Mask might seem a bit obvious. Whenever you wear the mask, you can cause an explosion equivalent to a bomb. Now this explosion can damage Link, but simply blocking with your shield will negate it. The only real downside is the long recharge, but otherwise, you now essentially have unlimited bombs.

5 Goron Mask

Most of the best masks in Majora's Mask can fundamentally change gameplay, such as the masks that let you turn into different races, such as the large, rock-eating Goron. Acquired as part of the main story, the Goron Mask can be used anywhere for its many effects.

After turning into a Goron, Link now attacks with his fists instead of his sword. He can also curl into a ball that offers incredible speed but becomes increasingly difficult to control. If you get great height during a roll, you can also do a ground pound onto enemies and even walk on lava. It changes a surprising amount, including turning your Ocarina into drums.

4 Zora Mask

Just like the Goron Mask, the Zora Mask transforms Link into another race entirely. It's another mask that is essential for the story and acquired within the Zora domain from a dying Zora. And though the Zora mask does not give Link the same ground traversal options as the Goron mask, it gives a dramatic shift to how you work in water.

While wearing the Zora Mask, Link can swim underwater in most bodies of water, adding a new dimension to many areas of the game, and allowing Link to continue fighting underwater too.

3 Deku Mask

The Deku Mask is the first mask Link acquires, though humorously is transformed into a Deku Scrub before he actually gets the mask, not obtaining the mask itself and turning back to normal until he meets the Happy Mask Salesman. Despite being the first mask acquired, it is far from the worst.

The Deku Mask comes with a massive berth of abilities. Link can skip across water a few times, gains access to super-fast melee attacks, and can enter flowers to be shot into the air and begin gliding, dropping Deku nuts on enemies below him.

2 Majora's Mask

This one is cheating a bit since it's not actually a mask you can use yourself, but it's also pretty damn impossible to make a list of best masks in Majora's Mask and not include the actual Majora's Mask. Majora's Mask is not really a mask but a character of its own, possessing whoever wears it and becoming a vessel for the evil contained within.

The backstory behind Majora's Mask is basically non-existent besides the fact that they are a great evil that was sealed away and reappeared. In the final battle with the mask, some of that evil shows as the mask twists itslef into various different forms to combat Link.

1 Fierce Deity's Mask

Though the Fierce Deity is now iconic in The Legend of Zelda, it first appeared in Majora's Mask as a reward only acquirable in the endgame after acquiring every other mask. When used, Link becomes the Fierce Deity, an all-powerful being.

Unlike the Giant's Mask, the Fierce Deity Mask can actually be used in every boss fight when replaying them, essentially trivializing them. It makes for a pretty cool showdown if you use it in the final battle.

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